Did common sense finally prevail? No, it didn’t. The NFL finally made the decision to suspend world renowned, undefeated, “gender-mixed-elevator-cage match” champ Ray Rice only after the recent video of him taking out his latest opponent surfaced. With all the bad press surrounding their original decision to suspend the champ for only two games, they couldn’t afford to stumble again. Indefinite suspension. Hey, they finally got it right. Pure genius. In light of what both videos show and their original response, someone else needs to be sent packing. Someone in the hierarchy of the NFL. And I’m not talking about some PR flak or an un-named staffer. Maybe someone in a position of authority with shit for brains. How about good old Roger Goodell?

How does her father feel? How does his father feel? What will his children feel?

How does her father feel? How does his father feel? What will his children feel?

I don’t know about you Roger, but when I saw the first video, you know, the one where this 220 pound seething bag of steroid filled rage drags an unconscious female by the shoulders across the elevator floor into the hotel corridor, my mind went immediately to “hey the sonofabitch knocked her out.” Gee Rog’, couldn’t make that leap by yourself? Let’s see, they get in together and then magically, he’s dragging her limp body out like a bag of yesterday’s dirty practice uniforms. Well, we gotta protect the franchise at all cost. Can’t have that, let’s suspend this wife-beater for two games. The good name of the NFL remains intact. Which is probably more than we can say for Janay Palmer’s dental work.

So exactly what did you suspend him for? Dragging his unconscious wife across the floor in public? Was that the stain on the NFL you were trying to wash way? Or were you afraid of the players’ union, who probably would have defended him to the end even if he was spattered with her blood?

Not buying the fact that you or the league hadn’t seen the full video either. The league has teams of investigators, many ex-FBI agents, and you mean to tell me no one, not one person looking into what happened here thought to ask the casino for any video inside the elevator? Or did they even care to know how Mrs. Rice just happened to become prone? When it didn’t come out (or was suppressed?) the NFL had a manageable affair on their hands. A little suspension, some league funded counseling for the criminal and his speed-bag wife, and we’re all set for the season. This is a league that has between ten and twenty cameras at every game and spends countless agonizing minutes under the review hood to determine if some arcane undecipherable infraction has occurred and it never dawned on anyone that there might be a reason why this woman was lights out as her brute of a husband dragged her face across the floor? And hey, maybe just maybe, if there was one camera angle, there might be another? Lying bastards.

Almost as sickening (almost, but never quite to par) as a man beating a woman a hundred pounds lighter than he, is the piling on by all the righteous, virtuous idiots currently espousing how disgusted they too are over his actions. Well, at least now that the true brutality of his nature is on full display. Easy to condemn him now isn’t it, you spineless cowards? Where was your indignation when the first video came out? Were you too, like Goodell, thinking at that time that gee, that’s tough, but he got two games and now we can move on? Nothing to see here folks, move along. Didn’t quite play out that way and now we find ourselves treated to talking heads, players, coaches and NFL officials horrified over a video that clearly shows what they all knew dammed well happened in that elevator in the first place, each one of them a feckless Captain Renault; “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

Football is a violet sport, played by men with violet tendencies; many juiced up beyond their limited capacities to make good decisions. So be it. I can take the sport or leave it. But we continue to wonder what the hell is wrong with society as we make excuses for the behavior of miscreants like this. Go Team! We’re the “hear no evil, see no evil” society now. We all knew he punched her lights out and we were fine with his suspension. (The colloquial we.) Hey we were even fine with the Ravens trying to resurrect Rice’s image by tweeting a comment from their press conference in May implicating Janay in her own beating: “Janay Rice says she deeply regrets the role that she played the night of the incident.”

It’s up to the fans and the owners. Start picking side folks. You can continue to buy the jerseys of your favorite felon, pay over a hundred dollars to get a good seat close enough to look into the eyes of criminals or you can demand better. Will the owners demand more from the league? Will the league demand more from itself? Will the union continue to protect these hero-villains at all costs? Will you sit there, a willing fan, apologist or co-conspirator?

Give CNN the Pulitzer price for obvious; they posted an article today indicating that Americans’ trust in their government is at an all-time low. Imagine that. By imagine that, I mean, “imagine that the fawning sycophants in the liberal press even bothered to report it.”

Of course, they just couldn’t report the numbers without some little point of reference; that Americans haven’t really trusted their government since Watergate. You know, Nixon and all that. Geez, I thought we stopped trusting our government because of George Bush. Or maybe some you-tube video. At this point, what difference does it make?

I am not a crook. Period.

I am not a crook. Period.

Apparently, according to the poll, “Just 13% of Americans say the government can be trusted to do what is right always or most of the time, with just over three-quarters saying only some of the time and one in 10 saying they never trust the government.” All this against the backdrop of the anniversary of the Watergate scandal. Scandal. Remember that word.

Of course, CNN goes on to parse the poll data several different ways, their ultimate goal a little unclear. The larger point they seem to want to make is that those who lived through Watergate believe that Watergate was a very serious scandal. In fact, they state “Fifty-one percent of those questioned say Watergate was a very serious matter because it revealed corruption in the Nixon administration, with 46% saying it was just politics – the kind of thing both parties engage in. The 51% is unchanged from 14 years ago, when CNN last asked the question.

Of course, they note that there is a big generational divide, with a majority of those over forty believing that Watergate was very serious while a majority of those under forty believe it’s just politics. Interesting. Now why would those under forty believe that anything as serious as a president involved in a cover-up of a petty crime is nothing more than politics? Simple. The press that brought down the republican they hated the most at the time made sure that we all knew just how serious it was. In fact, I remember sitting on the couch with my ever-loving father, a die-hard Nixon fan, on the day old Tricky Dick hopped aboard Marine One for his final exit from the grounds of the White House. All my father could say was “good riddance, the lying bastard.” That press no longer exists. Those under forty are inundated with infotainment and propaganda, often times very hard to distinguish.

Fast forward to lying under oath, committing perjury. The press instructed us that the most beloved, first black president was being railroaded over nothing but a sex scandal. It’s only about sex. Everyone lies about sex. Except of course, if you’re not the first black president and maybe just a young black resident of Chicago accused of taking advantage of a young intern, well that’s different. Then it’s not about sex, it’s about rape and or sexual harassment and maybe with time off for good behavior, you get out in ten to fifteen years. It all depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is. And of course, it helps if the first lady of the first black president was on the legal team against Nixon, well then of course, Watergate was far more serious. Serious enough for her to lie in her duties and be removed from her position.

In any event, the Hated Nixon left office on his own. Buh-Bye. All over what those under forty believe was just politics. A scandal. But politics nonetheless. There haven’t been any scandals since. Or at least in the eyes of the press, none as serious.

I can’t just poke the press in the eye however. Those of us over forty spawned those under forty. And what did we teach them? Not a whole friggin’ lot apparently. Did we really teach our children that it’s okay for our elected officials to lie to our faces, whether it’s over an eighteen minute gap on a tape, a stained blue dress or the ability to keep our doctors? Period? Yes, we have. And we have allowed the press to walk away from their social contract with America to be the independent watchdogs they once were. The eighteen minute gap that caused us so much grief in the past has been surpassed by years of multiple email accounts wiped clean for the benefit of an administration that used the power of taxation to harass and destroy those with a different political perspective. And, we are told, there is not even a smidgen of corruption. All phony scandals, nothing more than politics.

Oh how we miss “deep-throat.” How many of those under forty even know who that was, without confusing that moniker with Monica? How can we as citizens demand from our officials exemplary behavior when we’re not even willing to press for answers or can be bought with O-Phones and EBT’s? We allow the press to be nothing more than apologists and front men for this administration, keeping us distracted from the death of border guards being killed with guns supplied to their murderers by our own government or IRS commissioners of the most transparent administration in history pleading the fifth in a “phony” scandal. “Hey look over there, it’s Kim Cartrashian!” Apparently, if you like Kim’s butt, you can keep Kim’s butt. Period.

We’ll never trust our government again, because we can’t be trusted ourselves. We hold the press in such low regard that we trust them in numbers almost as low as we do our elected tyrants. But it is we who prop up both this government and those who shield them from our scrutiny. We can’t be bothered to go to the polls and run these miscreants out of town any more than we can convince ourselves to get our Kardashian-sized asses off the couch and simply turn the channel away from the dedicated propaganda machine that tells us all is well. Or tells us we’re haters if we don’t believe it.

When the history of this country is finally written, our progeny will wonder what it must have been like to live in the most powerful, the most free, the most fair and equitable society in the history of the world. And they’ll hate us for destroying it, leaving them with the bankrupt shell of a balkanized society free from personal choices, free from personal liberties, free from personal responsibility and totally free from scandals. And maybe, in some far off history class in a federal re-education camp called “high school”, some under-forty person will find a tape of Nixon, the most hated man the press had ever met before George Bush, and watch a man voluntarily walk away from the greatest, most powerful office in the world in order to heal the divisions that his leadership brought to a nation he truly loved.

That we don’t bother to elect men like that any longer is, truly, the real scandal.

They live in poverty. They die in poverty. Subject to third-world socialist policies and government suppression, they struggle to survive as their parents and grandparents have before them. Many are illiterate; their schools crumbling and as dangerous as the street corners they beg from. Those who govern over them use any monies marked for their basic needs as a way to bribe and con, looking to maintain their hold on the levers of power; levers that the poor have placed into their hands. Given for the simple promises that their best interests would be served. They die in that misplaced belief every day. The drug cartels recruit many; the cartels kill many more. Those who manage to avoid the gangs are left to fend for themselves, suffering under the regime that has been corrupted by power, disarmed by those who are supposed to protect them. Faced with no prospects other than a violent death, they risk everything they have, thoughts of fleeing their miserable existence their only hope.

Leaving Detroit?

Leaving Detroit?

They now hope that the President of the United States will help them; maybe he’ll send a plane to rescue them from their plight. Refugees, one and all, looking for a better life, or at least a life that has an expectancy beyond the teen years. Maybe they’ll end up in Idaho; Maybe in Cambridge Mass. How about some small town in North Carolina or in sunny California; somewhere outside Baltimore, or West Virginia? Chicago would take them wouldn’t they? Small town Maine maybe? It’s all about compassion; we are a compassionate people. But this child is not from a third world hell hole. He is from a first world hell hole.

Somewhere tonight, a young child in Detroit goes to bed, his mind filled with distortions supplied by the socialists running his state, his stomach filled only with the pangs of hunger. And yet, we focus on ways to justify bringing in far more severely impoverished people to be placed ahead of our fellow countrymen because we fear the politics of hate and derision that will be heaped upon us if we say “no more.” We are now a refugee country, open to anyone who feels they have a claim to the fruits of our labor.

This is what liberal policies have wrought; equality for all; equality of misery and subjugation. Serving those who sit in their air-conditioned palaces, peering through tinted windows at the groveling masses who are far too inferior to fend for themselves. People that have continually voted to sustain the powerful who have kept them unarmed, uneducated, un-assimilated and filled with misplaced vengeance. For the policy of liberalism has always been one of division, envy and vengeance. They are persuaded to hate others under the guise of social justice. They must hate others because, they are told, others hate them. They are taught to hate their country, that it’s a place, not of opportunity and possibilities, but a place of oppression and bigotry. They have been taught that others who will not or cannot give all that you request are hate-filled, evil purveyors of greed. They have been taught that they have a right to the possessions of others; those who refuse are the truly evil in the world. Disarmed, they have no mechanism to force anyone to give up what they rightfully possess; it is at the barrel of the government gun that they must steal under the mantle of social justice from those who toiled and sweat, sacrificed and risked in order to achieve their own American dream. They are taught that those who have succeeded, those who have more, must be dealt with, punished and torn down so none has more than the poorest. Equality of poverty and misery is the only truly possible equitable outcome of socialism. But even that equity must be enforced not by the good will of men, but by the armed intervention of a corrupt ideology.

The children of Detroit need not dream of escaping to another barrio; they and their parents have served their purpose on the slow march to socialism. They have been the useful idiots, voting again and again for a utopia that they were convinced could only appear if they punished others, learned the proper hate and muted their own dreams, responsibility and self-worth, voting in lockstep with their over-lord betters. They have no further value other than fodder for the misleading headlines that support the propaganda of a failed state. Soon they’ll be joined by a new, more preferred cohort of voters who have been told the same things, promises once reserved for those of Detroit. Now they’ll be able to step into the ever-growing bread-lines, elbowed to the rear by those from another country, those who can contribute far more substantial new votes than the poor of this country. But at least they can compete for those higher minimum wage burger jobs, limited though the number will be. It was promised. If the child of Detroit escapes, it’ll be to the barrios of the new democrat voting bloc, new barrios of those who now truly matter, and those who are slightly more equal than the children of Detroit are. The dying children of Honduras are of more concern than those of inner-city anywhere USA.

Somewhere in Detroit, a young mother asks over and over why her children have been abandoned by those she supported without question. And her child will dream of standing in a dirty, crumbling airport in Honduras, hoping that president Obama will step off the plane and whisk this child of the US back to Ohio or Chicago or Maine. Back home to a new life of poverty to replace the one he currently languishes in. The promises are the same, the lies are still sweet and once again, the poor and unfortunate fall prey to the siren songs of the left.

Where will the refugees of the inner cities of the United States turn to? Who will send a plane for them?

I think it’s time we updated our favorite fairy tales to more closely match what our children are learning in the real world every day. Hey, we live in a truly magical time where we can stay kids forever, no worries about growing up, no need to work, everything is free and equal. How great is that? Let’s take a look and see how our favorite stories have evolved over time, you know, much the way our elected officials do. So do like pajama-boy; grab a blanky, put on your pj’s and let someone else do the reading for you. It’s story time at the liberal daycare…

Hi Red. I'm from the government and I'm here to help..

Hi Red. I’m from the government and I’m here to help..

Let’s start with Goldilocks and the three bears. Goldilocks broke into the home of the three bears and became a squatter, supported by the “Occupy the Enchanted Forest” movement, protesting against the 1% of magical creatures who own 99% of the magical dwellings. A local judge, who determined that property rights weren’t all that magical, allowed her to stay until the eviction process ran its course. Three years later, Goldilocks left the three bears with over $150,000 dollars in damages and $500,000 in legal fees. They declared bankruptcy and were unable to maintain their home. They were forced to move out of their house after local authorities condemned it.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe; she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do. Many suggested she might try to curb her promiscuity, but they were “outed” as being soldiers in the “War on ladies who live in shoes.” So she went down to the local welfare office and got an EBT card, SSI for her children, fuel assistance, food stamps and put her children on “Fairy-Tale Care Act” insurance until they were twenty-six. Once a month she brings all of her daughters to Planned Parenthood for their magical monthly women’s health procedures.

Geogie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. That was until his elementary school principal expelled him and had him arrested for sexual harassment. He was transferred to a juvenile center for re-education in gender sensitivity and womyn’s studies. Years later, he married his long-time partner “Little” Jack Horner who finally came out of the corner. Their wedding was officiated by the Fairy Godmother. A wonderful cake was provided by “Baker-man, Baker-man” who, after initially refusing to bake a cake for what he called a “make-believe wedding,” was sued by the state, lost in court and was ordered to bake the cake under penalty of death. He was audited years later and was arrested for tax evasion. He is currently serving fifteen years.

Jack and the beanstalk is a story about a young man who decided to risk his money in a start-up bean farm venture. Unfortunately for Jack, one-hundred and fifty thousand “unaccompanied Giant minors” came down the beanstalk and took over the land. The unaccompanied giants consumed all the food and social services and soon, everyone was poor. Poor, but equal. With the exception of the evil “Goose that laid the golden eggs;” he was the only one working, supplying capital and creating jobs and they hated him dearly. He was also a member of the dreaded “tea and crumpets” party, which made him even quite ickier. He was soon dispatched for Foie Gras and eventually, no one was able to pay for food and services to the poor. Which was pretty much everyone.

Maybe we should read the old favorite, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You see, the dwarfs would go into the forest to work for days at a time, but failed to protect the borders of their little dwelling. Now the story has been updated to “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, twenty Mexicans, thirteen Guatemalans, ten Nicaraguans and five Hondurans.” Snow White died from tuberculosis.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. Fairy-Tale government officials however, changed the school lunch policy, so now she only gets nutritious veggie-burgers and wilted asparagus, except on Fridays when she gets a slice of gluten-free pizza topped with low-fat skim mozzarella. Poor little Muffet usually throws half of her meal away and goes hungry. One day, her mother sent her to school with a brown bag filled with wonderful curds and whey, but it was confiscated by the nutrition czar and she was sent home with a strongly worded written reprimand for her mother. Child protective services were called to monitor Mrs. Muffet’s child-rearing skills.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack was arrested for tampering with a public water supply and the EPA fined Jill for destruction of the habitat of an endangered magical species, the “well-dwelling snail darter,” even though the well was on their property. Both went to jail for five years and subsequently were unable to find work with a criminal background. Jack is now living in public housing on that most magical of money; fairy-tale assistance. Jack is on disability and is also addicted to crystal meth. Jill currently lives under a bridge with a troll who is her pimp.

Well boys and girls, that’s it for story time; time for you to finish your soy milk and celery sticks before the afternoon nap. And remember, you’re special, but not much so. You’re unique, but no different than anyone else. You can get whatever you want in life, as long as there is someone  to take it from and someone else to make them give it to you. Because, you deserve it. You can do anything you want in life, except think for yourself and speak certain words. Remember, Mommy and Daddy love you, just not as much as the state loves you and we’ll always be here to provide you with legal services if they ever decide to spank you. In fact, it’d be much easier if you just stayed here in Fairy-Tale land where you’ll never have to work, you can get anything you want and never have to grow up to be responsible for yourselves. Now isn’t that magical?

Sleep tight kiddies….

Want to see what a fundamentally transformed America looks like? At least in progress? Take a look at the pictures below. We’re well on our way to a country with third world demographics; illiterates, people with very few skills or the ability to care for themselves. Diseases we haven’t seen in this country for decades. Over-crowed inner-city schools where no English is spoken. People who will take far more from society than they will contribute. Love it or hate it, admit it or not, call it a racist screed if that soothes your anger, but it’s here. You’re looking at the future of the Democrat Party, the party that will be the party in power for decades to come. The party that will continue to promise other peoples’ milk and honey to those who come here illegally, those whose first act, not matter what you say, was to break the laws of a sovereign nation, to come and enjoy the fruits and labor of others. Call them dreamers if you like. For the rest of the country, the dream is over.

A thank you would suffice....

A thank you would suffice….

If you knew this was what fundamental transformation was, would you have voted for him in the first place? If this had occurred in his first term, would you still have voted for him a second time around? Yes, there are those of you who will defend this to the end. The end of this country as we know it. And as we progress down this trans-formative road you voted for twice, when your children are forced into low paying jobs, being taxed unmercifully to continue to fund these Democrat voters, you can be comforted with the notion that you were not racist, you were not a bigot, you were standing on the high moral ground, spending the treasure of others, your children included, to ensure that your compassion continued to flow unabated. But as minority voters are beginning to realize, it’s not about compassion; it never was. It was about your guilt, using your compassion to keep the slow march to socialism alive. You have bought into it. You own it. Too bad you couldn’t be forced to pay for your compassion on your own without infecting the rest of society, much like the infections we are seeing flood across the borders now.

If Obama had a son....

If Obama had a son….

Suffer the little children...

Suffer the little children…

After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

We ask how we could ever send them back. They'll figure it out o their own...

We ask how we could ever send them back. They’ll figure it out on their own…

Probably the only promise this man has ever kept. No matter. He told you what he was going to do, and you voted for it. We have arrived. We are now a more just society….equally poor, no stronger than any other nation, shamed into submission for our excellence, embarrassed to have led the world for so many years. Let us now suffer for our transgressions of having freedoms we were willing to die for, judged by those who were willing to have us die for them, all the while secretly hating us for the things they themselves were unwilling to strive for. We have the right to destroy that which we have built.

But at least we’re transformative…

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