I think it’s time we updated our favorite fairy tales to more closely match what our children are learning in the real world every day. Hey, we live in a truly magical time where we can stay kids forever, no worries about growing up, no need to work, everything is free and equal. How great is that? Let’s take a look and see how our favorite stories have evolved over time, you know, much the way our elected officials do. So do like pajama-boy; grab a blanky, put on your pj’s and let someone else do the reading for you. It’s story time at the liberal daycare…

Hi Red. I'm from the government and I'm here to help..

Hi Red. I’m from the government and I’m here to help..

Let’s start with Goldilocks and the three bears. Goldilocks broke into the home of the three bears and became a squatter, supported by the “Occupy the Enchanted Forest” movement, protesting against the 1% of magical creatures who own 99% of the magical dwellings. A local judge, who determined that property rights weren’t all that magical, allowed her to stay until the eviction process ran its course. Three years later, Goldilocks left the three bears with over $150,000 dollars in damages and $500,000 in legal fees. They declared bankruptcy and were unable to maintain their home. They were forced to move out of their house after local authorities condemned it.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe; she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do. Many suggested she might try to curb her promiscuity, but they were “outed” as being soldiers in the “War on ladies who live in shoes.” So she went down to the local welfare office and got an EBT card, SSI for her children, fuel assistance, food stamps and put her children on “Fairy-Tale Care Act” insurance until they were twenty-six. Once a month she brings all of her daughters to Planned Parenthood for their magical monthly women’s health procedures.

Geogie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. That was until his elementary school principal expelled him and had him arrested for sexual harassment. He was transferred to a juvenile center for re-education in gender sensitivity and womyn’s studies. Years later, he married his long-time partner “Little” Jack Horner who finally came out of the corner. Their wedding was officiated by the Fairy Godmother. A wonderful cake was provided by “Baker-man, Baker-man” who, after initially refusing to bake a cake for what he called a “make-believe wedding,” was sued by the state, lost in court and was ordered to bake the cake under penalty of death. He was audited years later and was arrested for tax evasion. He is currently serving fifteen years.

Jack and the beanstalk is a story about a young man who decided to risk his money in a start-up bean farm venture. Unfortunately for Jack, one-hundred and fifty thousand “unaccompanied Giant minors” came down the beanstalk and took over the land. The unaccompanied giants consumed all the food and social services and soon, everyone was poor. Poor, but equal. With the exception of the evil “Goose that laid the golden eggs;” he was the only one working, supplying capital and creating jobs and they hated him dearly. He was also a member of the dreaded “tea and crumpets” party, which made him even quite ickier. He was soon dispatched for Foie Gras and eventually, no one was able to pay for food and services to the poor. Which was pretty much everyone.

Maybe we should read the old favorite, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You see, the dwarfs would go into the forest to work for days at a time, but failed to protect the borders of their little dwelling. Now the story has been updated to “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, twenty Mexicans, thirteen Guatemalans, ten Nicaraguans and five Hondurans.” Snow White died from tuberculosis.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. Fairy-Tale government officials however, changed the school lunch policy, so now she only gets nutritious veggie-burgers and wilted asparagus, except on Fridays when she gets a slice of gluten-free pizza topped with low-fat skim mozzarella. Poor little Muffet usually throws half of her meal away and goes hungry. One day, her mother sent her to school with a brown bag filled with wonderful curds and whey, but it was confiscated by the nutrition czar and she was sent home with a strongly worded written reprimand for her mother. Child protective services were called to monitor Mrs. Muffet’s child-rearing skills.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack was arrested for tampering with a public water supply and the EPA fined Jill for destruction of the habitat of an endangered magical species, the “well-dwelling snail darter,” even though the well was on their property. Both went to jail for five years and subsequently were unable to find work with a criminal background. Jack is now living in public housing on that most magical of money; fairy-tale assistance. Jack is on disability and is also addicted to crystal meth. Jill currently lives under a bridge with a troll who is her pimp.

Well boys and girls, that’s it for story time; time for you to finish your soy milk and celery sticks before the afternoon nap. And remember, you’re special, but not much so. You’re unique, but no different than anyone else. You can get whatever you want in life, as long as there is someone  to take it from and someone else to make them give it to you. Because, you deserve it. You can do anything you want in life, except think for yourself and speak certain words. Remember, Mommy and Daddy love you, just not as much as the state loves you and we’ll always be here to provide you with legal services if they ever decide to spank you. In fact, it’d be much easier if you just stayed here in Fairy-Tale land where you’ll never have to work, you can get anything you want and never have to grow up to be responsible for yourselves. Now isn’t that magical?

Sleep tight kiddies….

Want to see what a fundamentally transformed America looks like? At least in progress? Take a look at the pictures below. We’re well on our way to a country with third world demographics; illiterates, people with very few skills or the ability to care for themselves. Diseases we haven’t seen in this country for decades. Over-crowed inner-city schools where no English is spoken. People who will take far more from society than they will contribute. Love it or hate it, admit it or not, call it a racist screed if that soothes your anger, but it’s here. You’re looking at the future of the Democrat Party, the party that will be the party in power for decades to come. The party that will continue to promise other peoples’ milk and honey to those who come here illegally, those whose first act, not matter what you say, was to break the laws of a sovereign nation, to come and enjoy the fruits and labor of others. Call them dreamers if you like. For the rest of the country, the dream is over.

A thank you would suffice....

A thank you would suffice….

If you knew this was what fundamental transformation was, would you have voted for him in the first place? If this had occurred in his first term, would you still have voted for him a second time around? Yes, there are those of you who will defend this to the end. The end of this country as we know it. And as we progress down this trans-formative road you voted for twice, when your children are forced into low paying jobs, being taxed unmercifully to continue to fund these Democrat voters, you can be comforted with the notion that you were not racist, you were not a bigot, you were standing on the high moral ground, spending the treasure of others, your children included, to ensure that your compassion continued to flow unabated. But as minority voters are beginning to realize, it’s not about compassion; it never was. It was about your guilt, using your compassion to keep the slow march to socialism alive. You have bought into it. You own it. Too bad you couldn’t be forced to pay for your compassion on your own without infecting the rest of society, much like the infections we are seeing flood across the borders now.

If Obama had a son....

If Obama had a son….

Suffer the little children...

Suffer the little children…

After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

We ask how we could ever send them back. They'll figure it out o their own...

We ask how we could ever send them back. They’ll figure it out on their own…

Probably the only promise this man has ever kept. No matter. He told you what he was going to do, and you voted for it. We have arrived. We are now a more just society….equally poor, no stronger than any other nation, shamed into submission for our excellence, embarrassed to have led the world for so many years. Let us now suffer for our transgressions of having freedoms we were willing to die for, judged by those who were willing to have us die for them, all the while secretly hating us for the things they themselves were unwilling to strive for. We have the right to destroy that which we have built.

But at least we’re transformative…

A little time, some distance, since Eric Cantor was shown the door in Virginia. Apparently, Dave Brat was a hero of the dreaded tea party, that amorphous group of conservatives that cause moderate republicans to swear and liberals to wretch. Brat acknowledges the tea party support, but sees himself more as a candidate “focused on republican principles including free markets and adherence to the constitution.” Downright radical, he is. Maybe it was the tea party push that helped Brat topple Cantor this time, even though Cantor easily defeated the tea party challenger in the 2012 primary. What changed this year? I can’t say. Cantor certainly had the advantage in cash and connections, but apparently his brand of republicanism didn’t sell well with his constituents. Buh-Bye Eric. It remains to be seen if Brat can defeat the democrat challenger in the fall, even in this relatively conservative district. We shall see. Once the media gets mobilized, Brat will be the next coming of “Jenjis” Khan, as Mr. Kerry would say. Brat is a man who believes in individual rights and responsibilities in an era of entitlement-minded voters. Good luck with that.


Harry, how much compassion do you have for the tax-payer?

Fast forward to June and over to Mississippi. Thad Cochran knocks off tea partier Chris McDaniel in a runoff after McDaniel narrowly defeats Cochran in the primary. The Republican Party threw everything they had at McDaniel to return Cochran to Washington. And though most of you will deny it, it wasn’t pretty and may have even had some illegalities surrounding it, but whatever it was, the strategy worked. Apparently, the Cantor loss informed the GOP leadership of a couple of things: They need to portray the tea party in the same way the liberal media and liberal establishment do in order to keep their jobs; principles be dammed. And, it’s best to dump the conservative base and employ some democratic voters to make it through the primaries. Will this strategy work outside of Mississippi? Or to put it another way, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

Very little difference actually. The republicans are running scared and have been since “the great one” was elected, lest their opposition to his policies get them labeled as racists, or bigots, haters, or some type of “phobe.” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words make republicans shit their pants. Kind of hard to be an opposing party when the only thing you oppose is losing your job. And for those who don’t quite know how this works, yes, they are supposed to be an opposing party. And yes, there are three branches of government for checks and balances. I don’t care of you have a pen and a phone.

But Karl Rove and Haley Barbour probably think they’ve got the keys to taking back the senate, now that they know how to smear any tea partier that happens to get in their way. Good old fashioned democrat politikin’ gets it done fer sure. Does anyone really think that turning a republican into a democrat-lite for a primary run-off translates into having democrat voters pulling the “R” lever in the general? Sorry guys, but the democrats in Mississippi were all too happy to walk across the aisle and vote in the republican primary to help the GOP establishment defeat a challenger that the democrats didn’t want to face either.

I’m not usually one who likes to prognosticate, but here goes anyway. The republicans aren’t going to take the senate back. Sorry. The lessons of the 2012 presidential election and the shenanigans in Mississippi should have been a wakeup call to the GOP, but it wasn’t. It was however, very instructive to the democrats and their sycophants in the press. Cries of racism, the war on women, charges of extremism, all played well for the democrats during the reign of the magnificent one, and the GOP establishment is all too happy to apply these tactics to the base of their own party. And yes, like it or not, the conservatives are the base of the GOP. Apparently, divide and conquer is now the way the GOP establishment has decided to keep both the tea party and the oval office at bay. Conservatives were ridiculed, excoriated and demonized by the left and as a result, many stayed home, never bothering to go to the polls for good ol’ Mitt. “It was those darn evangelicals, dammit,” exclaim the GOP establishment, “they stayed home and gave the presidency to Mr. Obama.”   Their extreme views and fear of the man with the magic underwear cost us the election. Sweet. A little myopic one would think. The best way to pander to a voting block is to publicly shame and vilify them. Got it. It doesn’t quite dawn on them that the conservatives may have stayed home, no matter what derogatory bucket you wish to dump them in, because your candidates weren’t very appealing to them in the first place. But heaven forbid, it’s not you, it’s them. If you ask a democrat to vote for a dyed-in-the-wool democrat, you’re all set. If you ask a dyed-in-the-wool conservative to pull the lever for a democrat wearing a republican necktie, you ain’t gonna see many at the polls. Oh, and if you think you can pander to enough democratic voters to get them to cross the aisle for a republican versus a democrat, you’re just plain fruit-loops, no insult to fruit-loops. Conservative voters have been holding their noses at the polls for so long, they need “rino-plasty.” Spelled just the way I meant it.

One can only hope that I’m wrong. There aren’t too many places for an unaffiliated conservative to go these days. Gone are the days when my parents would pull the lever for a conservative democrat. Long gone mind you. And the conservatives in the Republican Party are an endangered species, hunted to near extinction by CNN, NBC, MSNBC and the New York Times. Now the conservatives are being poached by the GOP establishment. We aren’t really that far away from one party rule; And as soon as we get overwhelmed with foreign invaders who are explicitly enticed to cross our borders illegally, once our infrastructure can no longer cover the cost of all the freebie entitlement burdens, the venerable “Chinese Bank and Trust” will call our loans and we’ll be asking George Soros to fund planned parenthood. You know, of all the rights, nothing is more sacred than your free morning after pill.

So we end up with Hillary in the next election unless she continues to cry poverty and can’t afford to fund a campaign, then we get Obama’s preference, Elizabeth Warren, who will get at least 1/32 of the Native American vote. The conservatives will be blamed for not voting for the Manchurian Republican candidate, which is almost as laughable as blaming people for not buying defective Chevy Volts. And of course, we get to hang out with the Koch-addicted Harry Reid for a few more years. Or we could always head down to the barnyard with good old Thad

I vowed to make this summer a lot better than last year’s. I started the season last year by ripping my right bicep completely off my arm on Memorial Day. Ouch. So summer was sweltering on the couch, watching the season go by with my arm tightly bound across my mid-section. And of course, too many pain medicines that made me quite a bit more disoriented than I am on a regular basis. As frightening as that actually is…At least I had my guitar to help me rehab. Other than that, summer was shot, totally shot. And if you count the days with your children as closely as I do, that was one wasted summer, time I won’t get back. Time we should have spent hiking, or kayaking or…pretty much anything other than, as my youngest puts it, “doing a rather hilarious impression of a T-rex.”

So this year, I started early. I’ve been putting serious mileage on the bike. But that’s a little too solitary. What I longed for was time with the girls. And summer is here. Let’s roll.

My eldest and I put the short boats in the water this weekend. I’m still a little gun shy about putting my big boat on the rack; nervous to really lift anything, even though it’s been a while since I recovered. No matter, the short boats were perfect for the lake. Temps were slated for the mid eighties and the humidity was nil. We were in the water before 8:30.

It’s funny, but as I watch them grow, no matter the age, I’m still fascinated by what fascinates them. This year, it’s all about her camera. So I’m looking for quiet time with her, she’s looking for the perfect shot. So be it. As long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter the agenda.

It wasn’t until we got home that it dawned on me; she has an eye for it. I’ve spent a while with her, trying to get her to understand framing the shot, but she has less patience than I do. Of course, that’s because she has the more artistic eye. She can see the shot in her minds eye, sets it up well before she gets there. Then it’s just setting the camera correctly and she’s off.

I looked at the couple of hundred pictures she took and it was weird. Usually, I’m on the camera and it’s all about the kids, in this shot, that pose, yaddi-yadda. Not so with her. She sees the beauty in things around her, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

We put in near the landing at the canoe launch, and were no more than 100 yards off shore when a Loon decided that it’d be real neat to pop up about 8 feet from her boat. It was no wonder the surprise didn’t send her over. She froze, with the exception of her fingers finding the exposure she needed, getting the focus correct and trying to steady herself in the small tippy boat. He just floated along side of her, curious, unafraid. I had to remind her that we’d need to move away, it’s the law. She got the shot anyway. I didn’t see it until we got home and dropped it into the computer. Not a bad shot if I say so myself. Untouched. She didn’t have a zoom lens and you can still see the beads of lake water on his cheek.

Hey,,howzit goin'?

Hey,,howzit goin’?

We were still about an hour out before we rounded the cove under a footbridge. We turned away from the open water to the shore and found it guarded by a sentinel of great beauty. Like his friend, he stood motionless, letting us get ridiculously close, probably 20 yards away. He didn’t leave until a noisy pair of kids paddled up beside us, excited and innocent, but still annoying anyway. He dropped his neck and took to his wings, dancing for a few steps across the smooth water before breaking up and over the tress.

Regal ambassador...

Regal ambassador…

It was still quite calm, even though we were pretty far out into the middle of the lake. We weren’t talking; I was concentrating on keeping my boat moving with its aging power plant creaking and moaning. Old bodies make weird noises. The only other noise was the gurgle under the boat as I got it up to speed; I love that sound. Nothing else to hear way out in the open water, no waves lapping, no wind, just the hiss and shush of the water breaking under the bow. Sweet. I didn’t hear her clicking away at the side of the boat, equally fascinated by the wake. I love the shot. It’s like sliding on glass when you’re out there; the water wasn’t even rippled by the wind. I felt like I was leaving tracks for those behind me, leaving footprints in an otherwise undisturbed land. Footprints that were fleeting, very little wake before the surface of the water healed the gash I had made and left no scar behind me where the wound was.

I could hear the water giggle as my boat tickled the surface of the lake...

I could hear the water giggle as my boat tickled the surface of the lake…

I hope that whatever power decides our fate and life span grants me many more opportunities to shut my mouth, open my eyes and listen to the world speak in it’s subtle, beautiful voice. And I hope he grants me the continued opportunities to share it with them, see it through their eyes and know that these moments define truly unimaginable wealth.


Long ago it seems, immigration used to have this semi-romantic aura about it; the poor and downtrodden, seeking opportunity to build a better life, looked to the United States as a place of endless possibilities to start anew. Families would come, with no more than the clothes on their backs and pennies in their pockets, seeking to become part of the great social melting pot that once was the United States. They brought their skills and determination; they went through the medical exams, learned our history, learned English; many were sponsored by citizens in order not to be a burden on a society they hoped they could help build. The country prospered as did they, their inexhaustible determination to succeed surpassed only by their pride to become American. Not hyphenated Americans. Americans. They were full of desire to produce more than they consumed, building a country they could be proud to stand and defend. A country they could pass on to their children who would become American born citizens. My family was one such group.


Don’t forget to visit Harvard. In-state tuition and all….

The great social experiment promoted by Kennedy and his party have put an end to all of that. There is no more “great melting pot”; we are like a spoiled fondue, congealing into barrios and little “Italys”, “China-towns”, “Japan-town’s; you name it, we’re balkanized by it. Be it a religion or a nationality, people are now encouraged to be different from one another, to take great pride, not in where they are and what they can become, but pride in where they’ve come from and how superior their abandoned culture is (or was). Now, the first thing many of them do is break the law to get here, shaking the dust of their lawless former countries from their shoes to find the nearest office of subsistence. They leave behind the hardship of countries in turmoil, not willing to stay and build their own better state. Unfortunately, they no longer come to build this one. (Yes, broad brush; before you get the vapors, not all…) And yet, they still desire to be segregated in enclaves, separate from the culture that once defined Americans; common language, common beliefs, fervent patriotism. Once here, they tell us how horrible we are, how racist, how uncaring. Of course, still not willing to give up all of their tribulations here for the homeland they still hyphenate with. And of course, after all the foreign aid we spend on these donor countries, we get to continue to support them further once here; ignoring the children of Americans who go hungry in Detroit, need medical care in New York or sleep under the overpasses in the south. Because, we are told by liberals, we are not compassionate. We are greedy and hateful; hateful because we want to defend our borders; racist because we want our laws enforced. Greedy because we would like to feed our own children first.

I wondered just how compassionate a mother could be who is willing to pay a smuggler to toss her ten year-old child over the border in El Paso. How compassionate is the country of Mexico, with stricter immigration laws than ours, allowing these children to pass through their country unfettered, only to allow them to overwhelm the abilities of the border-states to care for them. How indeed, do we become the pariahs in the press just because we can no longer be the country that gives endlessly, hiding the fact that we are near bankruptcy ourselves? Shame, my racism, some type of “phobia”, or just plane hate is showing.

What to do with these children? It matters not what we want to do with them. The administration, the Democrats and their PR wing in the media have pretty much determined that these kids are here to stay. And in a few years, their parents, aunts, uncles, step-sisters, god-parents, brothers-in-laws, nannies, goldfish, pet rocks, all will be welcomed to the great socialist country of America, where “those who have” are required by law or public shame to give to “those who have not.” Endlessly. Without complaint. This has always been the vision of the progressive wing of the Democrat party. Hope and change, ya know.

Someone once told me that my stance was ridiculous; it would be too costly to send them back. As if I was looking to get them all on JetBlu or United. Question; how the hell did they get here? If there was no hope of the free handout, if they were required to work for their government cheese, would they stay? Or would they find their way back, as simply as they found their way here? Why do I have to fund their exit when I didn’t fund their entry?

Simple really. For every illegal that crosses the Mexican border, Mexico pays the U.S. a stipend. Let’s say, a cool hundred thousand or so. Maybe Mexico would keep them from walking through the country and turn them back at their own southern border. How about a little common sense; the least this administration could do is to stop giving foreign aid to countries who won’t control their borders. Gee, how racist. I’m told that would only make it worse. Wanna bet? Let them live off the fruits of their own labor and they’ll squeal pretty loudly. Besides, all that money is having no impact on curbing the flow of illegals so it ain’t buying us much. Money that we could spend here at home on, oh I dunno, maybe getting a friggin’ veteran a much needed cat scan or at least an appointment with a doctor. Maybe fixing some of the schools in Chicago.

If you wonder why all of the unfortunate souls break our laws to begin with, leave aside the freebies and Democrat vote getting welfare program for a minute. Liberals see no problem with this at all. No borders, no problem. Borders are racist, elitist. This country needed to be fundamentally transformed anyway. Sometimes, they’ll even slip up and let you know how they feel. Poor Governor Patrick, he never saw it coming and plane loads of these illegals were shipped to his state of Massachusetts. Of course, he could have seen this coming if he wanted to, or if he honestly felt it was a problem. He only needed to ask Martha Coakley, his own states Attorney General about illegal immigration. She would have told him how it’s not “technically illegal to be illegal” in Massachusetts. Yes folks, that’s the highest legal officer in the state. And these folks keep getting elected and elected. Or at least he could have popped into any coffee shop in good old Cambridge. I’m quite sure that the good citizens of Cambridge would have filled him in on the fact that they have declared themselves to be a “sanctuary” city. Problem solved Deval; just bus them from Logan straight to Cambridge’s open arms and bottomless purse. For all the wondering why they come, no one is willing to admit that we send them the message to get their butts here any way they can, no harm no foul. If our government flagrantly ignores our borders and the laws written to defend them, come they will. En masse.

That’s okay though. The border-states just need to contract with Greyhound and send them to the following sanctuary cites around the country. Places like:


  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Hartford and New Haven Ct.
  • Chicago
  • Cambridge and North Hampton Mass.
  • Portland ME.
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul
  • Camden, Newark and Trenton NJ.
  • Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham NC.
  • Portland OR.
  • Providence RI.
  • Austin and Dallas TX.
  • Alexandria and Virginia Beach VA.
  • Seattle
  • Madison WI.
  • Washington DC.

I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to hang out in Seattle or Washington DC on the public dole. North Hampton Massachusetts is a lovely place. How many of these wonderful undocumented-alien magnets have offered to take these wanderers? Anyone stepping up to the plate here? Hello? Bueller? Let’s let those who express the desire to care for the downtrodden masses do so at their own expense. I really want to see their principles in action. Maybe instead of our money, they’ll put their own money where their mouths are. But I doubt it.

With Liberals, it’s never about how much they are willing to spend. It’s how much they are willing to make you spend. Even if you don’t have it anymore. The price of their compassion is always borne by those who can least afford it.

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