I’m trying to find a reason to be upset about the 40 some-odd (note the wording) millionaires who are begging the president to increase their taxes in an effort to show how patriotic they are. Normally, I’d scream in horror at the thought of any right-minded American surrendering more of what they earned to the gluttonous behemoth that now runs amok in Washington. But I can’t really get excited about this one.

A friend of mine who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum from me sent me a Salon article link ostensibly to score a point in the ongoing conversation we were having about the tax cuts that are about to expire. I don’t use the term “Bush Tax Cuts”. It’s not correct. Any increase in taxes is a tax increase. Period. Turning it into an expiration of the “Bush Tax Cuts” really doesn’t absolve Obama and the congress from this increase, whether they wish it to be so or not. Of course, this is from the same crowd that convinces normal Americans that if they want another $100 million increase in their budget and you only give them a $50 million increase, then you just cut $50 million from them and are forcing grandma to eat dog food. Or something sinister about children…

In any event, I’d like to think that most Americans would agree that you should be able to do any fool thing you wish with your money. If these folks want to send an extra check or two to Washington to cover what they feel is their over-due burden, I’m supportive of that. Heck, if it helps them ease their conscience, I’d be willing to cash a couple of those checks personally. Pay my share so I too can be patriotic and I’ll personally absolve you of any guilt you feel from having made a profit in the first place.

No, I can’t get excited about this one. It’s pure political show from redistributionists, nothing more. If you want me to be impressed about your patriotism, show me how you profited in the first place: Tell me about all those tax loopholes you took advantage of, where were the companies sheltered? Or better still, take all those extra tax dollars that are keeping you up at night and donate them to any and every veteran you can find. Then shut up about it. That would be patriotic.