When Andrew Meyers uttered (Screamed? Pleaded?) those words at John Kerry’s address to the University of Florida, little did he know that he’d be in the “Yale Book of Quotations” for the most memorable quote of the year for 2007.  No kidding.  Well, it’s memorable at least.  Unless you read all the details and even view his own video, you may not know that poor old Andrew was being a particular jackass and might have had it coming.  Sorry bro, you got tazed.  Lost your patience because you couldn’t get a pol to answer a question, and being from the fourth estate, that just would not do.  Hey, and I’m not even a Kerry supporter.

Now along comes John Tyner and his untouchable junk.  Tyner’s refrain enters our lexicon just before Thanksgiving as he records on his cell phone his instruction to a TSA agent about to give him the pre-board massage.  Along with his entry into quotable quotes, Tyner faced the real possibility of a $10,000 fine for not completing the screening process.  See, once you decide to forgo the full body scanner, you have given the TSA the right to touch your junk.  Or at least that’s what they think anyway.

Really, all this because we find profiling so abhorrent?  What the hell is wrong with us?  I spent hours in Tel Aviv telling the same answers to the same questions posed by 10 different agents, who were packing some very nifty weapons I might add.  Know what?  I got off easy.  They do profile and if you fit into one of their profiles, you don’t fly.  Period.

I’ve flown all my life and always found it amusing that I was usually pulled out for second looks or random extra scrutiny.  Yup, I fit a profile in the US. Average middle-aged white guy, slightly heavy, walks with a limp and a headful of bright white hair.  Let’s get this SOB out of line and look at his junk.  Right.  I saw a nun being patted down the other day on the news. Dammed, they’re on to us now.  Must be the old guy-nun profile for sure.

Yet out of all that anger, all the pain and gnashing of teeth, and all the talk about our rights, we will get absolutely nowhere. We are led by cowards and allow ourselves to be herded like frightened sheep just so we won’t offend or be accused of offending some privileged minority class.  Go ahead.  Continue to profile me.  Just don’t tase my junk.