You have got to be kidding.

Monet Parham feels that McDonald’s is “interfering” with her family. Really. The poor woman is at her wit’s end as a mother, trying to parent against those ubiquitous fast food commercials, most notably Micky-D’s.  As I understand it, her six-year old daughter is addicted to those cheesy plastic toys based on whatever movie is the flavor of the week. But she couldn’t stop with one Shrek toy; she progressed onto harder stuff like Barbie and even I-Carly action figures. Somewhere, late at night on a darkened street corner lurks a man with ridiculously large shoes and bright red hair pushing his Chinese-made, plastic junk on our unsuspecting kids.  Six year olds, dammit.

Ms. Parham is not alone in her fight.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest is helping her file her class action lawsuit to stop McDonald’s from using toys to market directly to young children. Oh and she filed the suit in San Francisco instead of her hometown of Sacramento too.  San Fran has recently passed laws banning toys in kids’ meals if the meal fails to meet certain nutritional criteria.

Now, I’ve heard all the arguments about nutrition and childhood obesity.  And I certainly agree, we’ve got some darned chubby kids running around for sure. It’s gotta be the fault of Ronald, Wendy and that creepy looking Burger King guy.  Can’t be a sign of poor parenting. Because caring, devoted moms like Ms. Parham would never put their children in any jeopardy. Or exploit them in any way.

So it was quite a coincidence when bloggers discovered that Ms. Monet Parham-Lee also happens to be a regional program manager for the State of California, focusing in the area of child nutrition matters.  Did she forget to mention that? She works in a federally funded program aimed at getting people to eat their veggies. Nifty.

At first it sounded like the obvious, a mother lacking in parental skills, possibly mentally challenged, looking for someone else to blame for her children’s poor eating habits. Nope. We have a real winner here folks. This woman wants to decide what you eat, what you feed your kids and how it should be marketed. And she’s willing to use her own children as props in her crusade.

I don’t mind someone playing politics. But Ms. Parham-Lee needs to be investigated for neglect or abuse. I’d wager her kids don’t have a weight issue. Hell, I’m sure her six-year-old probably didn’t even get that Fiona doll that her mother claimed was causing her and her family such injury. So either she’s a mother who admits that she cannot control, care for or parent her children, or she’s exploiting them for her own personal gain and agenda.  Munchausen’s by happy meal?

Oh, by the way: My daughter loves happy meals. She tosses out the toys and goes straight for the fries.  Daddy’s girl.