There is no crime more heinous than one perpetrated on a child.  Any crime, any child.  Any time.

Obviously, I didn’t know Christina Taylor Green.  From what I’ve read, she was born on 9/11, liked ballet and baseball and went to the Gifford’s event because being newly elected to her school’s student council piqued her interest in the political process.  She has a page in the book “Faces of Hope” which reads, “ I hope you know all the words to the Star Spangled Banner and sing it with your hand over your heart.  I hope you jump in rain puddles.”

As I thought about the tragedy late Saturday night, it never crossed my mind that we need to blame someone or some group for what had happened.  Instead, I made it a point to hug my 10 year old a little longer before bedtime and teased my 12 year old just once more over her new crush.  You know, Dad things.  Much like Christina’s parents probably did before they sent her to bed most evenings.

The name Jared Lee Loughner is hard for me to write, as I don’t want to immortalize this loathsome creature any more than I have to.  But if you think it was the voice of Sarah Palin in his ear, or maybe that someone named Rush or Beck commanded him with some spoken code like a Manchurian candidate, then you’re equally depraved.  The voices he heard in his head were his own. Twisted, illogical, maniacal, but all his own.  Maybe I’m not too sympathetic, but when you’re that ill, you’re beyond sick.  You’re evil.  I think David Shedlock might be right.  We just can’t seem to admit that some levels of evil or depravity exist, so those people must be “sick”, as in “not responsible for their behavior”.  No, he needed no prodding to explode, no leader or cause.  He was eventually going to kill; it would have probably been 12 people in a fast food restaurant, suffering his ire over some errantly placed pickle.

However, there are those in the world who see opportunity to profit or gain from the terrible pain and suffering others endure.  They need to be pointed out and shamed.  Publicly.  Often.  Until they withdraw from decent society so the rest of us can try to find common ground based on what binds us, not what others tell us separates us. If my words are too vitriolic or inflammatory, good.

One such hideous individual is Paul Krugman.  Paul sees the death of a nine year old girl as a as an opportunity to blame all that is wrong with public discourse today squarely on the right wing.  Says Paul, “Where’s that toxic rhetoric coming from? Let’s not make a false pretense of balance: it’s coming, overwhelmingly, from the right.”  I call bullshit.

Tell me Paul, that you don’t remember “Death of a President”.   Or maybe Alec telling us we should all go “down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to Death.”  And since you’re quoting that esteemed legal scholar, the right honorable sheriff Clarence Dupnik, please take a moment to do some journalistic research into Mr. Dupnik’s files and tell us how many times his department had previously encountered this “right wing nut-job”.  Did he threaten to kill before?  Was it on direct orders from Palin?

If there is any doubt about the rhetoric, coming from both sides, it will be quickly dispelled this week.  Blogs all over are pointing out the hypocrisy of major media mouthpieces such as Mr. Krugman, and the public certainly sees them for what they are.  Crass, slimy, single minded in their desire to close debate in this country, trying to have one voice, one story, one party dictate what is and is not acceptable in the land of  “freedom of speech.”  They can’t control the narrative anymore, and they don’t like it. And you have small men, lacking in civility, lacking in shame, men like Paul Krugman, trying to appear above the fray by standing on the body of a nine year old girl.