With the exception of a well-deserved Darwin award, I normally don’t get any humor from the death of a fellow human being.  But every so often, with the right bit of irony or gallows humor applied, the early departure of some wretched creature can induce me to chuckle and break into a guilty grin.  Such is the case with the passing of the late Albert Franklin Hill.

I have no idea what was on Mr. Hills’ mind the night he met his demise.  I’ll leave that speculation to those who make a living trying to explain, rationalize and sometimes excuse criminals and their behavior.  Unfortunately for the victims, that does nothing to lessen the impact the crime has had on them.  Often, their rights are terminated with extreme prejudice, as they say.  In this case, we’ll probably never know why Mr. Hill felt compelled to enter the home of Meghan Brown at 3 AM on March 12th.  But we need to be pretty clear about one thing;  When he pounded on the door, he wasn’t expecting to run away if he got a response.  In fact, when Ms. Brown opened the door, he managed to clamp his hand over her mouth and nose and proceeded to drag her to the master bedroom.  And even though we can’t say for sure what his plan was, it certainly seemed as though he was fully committed to execute on it, even if it included inflicting bodily harm on whatever victim he stumbled upon.

He encountered a 110 pound woman whom he apparently thought he was going to intimidate, overpower and pretty much do whatever he wanted to do to her.  Maybe not part of the plan, maybe a perk in his mind.  Unfortunately, these types of scenarios play out far too often and they usually don’t end well for the female victims.


Not the face you'd open the door for, 3 am or not.

The scuffle disturbed her sleeping fiancé who jumped into the fray, only to be over-powered by some blows to the head.  Seems like Mr. Hill wasn’t going to be deterred after all.  Not a simple breaking and entering, he had the chance to flee when the door was answered, he could have fled when he disabled the second victim-witness.  Nope, he was pretty bent on doing some physical damage or injury, who knows for what ends.  Who the hell cares at this point?

Ms. Brown manages to break free just long enough to retrieve her new Christmas gift, which she promptly uses on Mr. Hill, ventilating him at least 4 times and helping him to eventually achieve room temperature.  I doubt that was in his plan.

Yes, A pink 38-caliber handgun. I’m sorry, the irony is too sweet.  I can’t wipe the grin off my face.  Did he see the color?  Did he think, “a pink gun, no way..”?  Chances are if he saw it, he probably thought it would be for show, that she wouldn’t have what it took to pull the trigger.  From the accounts I’ve read, she was a pretty poor shot at the range, so she might have just pulled the trigger out of fear with no particular aim in mind.


is there a chance he didn't see the gun?


No matter.  She fought back, defended herself, defended her fiancé and their home.  Sorry to sound cold, but that’s they way it should have ended.  Don’t bother pillorying me with the “oh, so you think someone who breaks into a house deserves to die for it?” argument. If he had gotten in and out and then caught, we could have that discussion.  Even if he brought with him a bagful of their possessions, we could still have that conversation. He made her make a choice, and she made itAnd she did it with her girly-gun.

And it makes me chuckle every time I think about it.