When we decide as a nation to change the way we live and abandon those rights defined in our constitution out of fear of offending someone, we have succumbed to terrorism.  Pure and simple.  The reason they terrorize to begin with isn’t because we angered them, we said something wrong, and golly gee we just need to understand them better.  They use terror in their goal to enforce their theology and eventually gain control over us as they have done to others for centuries before we existed as a nation.  Is that concept really so hard to understand?

It appears that Senator Graham certainly doesn’t understand.  As repugnant as pastor Jones is, I have no words to describe a US senator who is willing to restrict one of our most basic freedoms.  You know, the basic freedoms that the terrorists hate us for in the first place?  I’m not sure what’s in his heart; I can only respond to his words.  But what he said on Sunday is a far cry from the words he spoke when he took his oath as a senator, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

this is all our fault.....

I have a lot of respect for our military, having been raised in a military family.  But I find myself wincing at the remarks of General Petraeus as well.  Sorry General, the PC concept of war is why we are bogged down in most of the conflicts we find ourselves in.  Go in, knock everything down, shoot everything that moves, get the hell out.  Sounds startling to many, I know, but war is supposed to be like that.  That’s why we should avoid it at all costs.  In my heart I believe the General is truly concerned for the welfare of his troops.  But his job isn’t to make nice, it’s to kill as effectively as he can.  Want to protect your troops?  Loosen up the rules of engagement.  Let them defend themselves.  I’m sure they’ll do fine.  Oh and by the way, I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why we focus on pastor Ignoramus burning the Koran when the United States government burned Bibles just a few short years ago. Offending Christians is not an issue I’m told.  Because we’re not at war with Christians I’m told. Exactly.

As sickening as Pastor Jones may be, what crime do you want to charge him with? Nope, he’s not responsible for the deaths in Afghanistan.  Sorry, that burden lies with the other wild-eyed zealots who proclaim to be practicing their religion of peace.  To come to the conclusion that we should excuse or rationalize beheadings merely because “we really pissed them off this time” displays real ignorance of what we are fighting for and whom we’re fighting against.  Let’s stop excusing their irrational responses to a world that has progressed far beyond them.

the only thing frightening about him is that some people follow him...

We cannot and should not expect to reason with Islam.  Islam does not want to reason with the rest of the world, no matter how they explain it away. They behead UN workers because some twit in Florida has serious inadequacy issues and burns their holy book.  How many beheadings did Buddhists commit when the Taliban destroyed the Buddha’s of Bamiyan?

October 2005, four Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia were attacked on their way to class by six Jihadists with machetes.  Three were beheaded while the fourth managed to flee.  While their bodies lay by the roadside, still clad in their school uniforms, their heads were delivered and left out side the local church.  No Koran burnings were noted that day in Florida.  In fact, the killers thought it would be a great way to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan.  Sweet.

Do we need to talk about the infamous Muhammad cartoons or Rushdies’ Satanic Verses?  Maybe we do.  But we can’t talk about them objectively or openly, lest we offend someone who might strap on a bomb and wade into a local schoolyard.  In fact, when the venerable  New York Times did a follow up piece on the cartoons and other “offending works of art,” the only accompanying picture of artwork shown was that of the Virgin Mary painting fashioned with elephant dung. No beheadings were reported at NYT’s headquarters and no mobs of machete-wielding, habit-wearing nuns were seen roaming the area.

We need to realize very quickly that we can no longer continue to blame ourselves or allow others to blame us for those in this world who hate us for who we are or what we stand for.  I don’t know if our heads are in the sand or up our collective butts, but we’d better grow up immediately and realize that not everyone is going to like us, period.

Maybe if we faced that reality, some of our choices become clearer.  Do we really want to be in Afghanistan? Why are we wasting precious American blood and treasure? Do we think they are ever going to see us as anything other than an occupying force?  Do we think we’re going to win their hearts and minds? Two months.  Let’s pack every American in the area up and bring them all home.  Probably take two months.  We could do it.

And while we’re at it, we can find Senator Graham a new line of work.