Many victims of 9/11 were never recovered; their bodies to forever mingle with the ash and dust of what was once one of the greatest symbols of the economic prowess of the United States.  Brave responders, innocent office workers, trapped airline passengers, obliterated beyond any hope of recognition, identification or recovery by their loved ones.  No one gently bathed their fractured bodies, wrapped them with care in fresh linen and saw to it that their remains were spoken over in accordance with the traditions of their faith.  Why we would honor in this way the man who killed them and denied them these simple dignities is troubling me deeply.

never forget what occured here..

Once again, we find we are not barbarians; that we rise above the petty and recognize that at the least, we are all human, all deeply flawed and we revere life when we return the dead to the hands of the maker.  It gives me no great solace to say, “I am better than those animals.  I am civilized.” This man deserved no respect in death; we showed great weakness in offering it to him.  It gained us nothing.  There are Muslim clerics already condemning the burial at sea, claiming it goes against Islamic tradition and will provoke the Muslim street.  How novel, something we have done that provokes those who practice the religion of peace.

In one of my previous posts, I had commented about how I normally take no joy in the death of another human being, with the rare exception that can cause me to break into a satisfied grin.  The demise of Bin Laden is one of those exceptions.  Just the thought that he could soon be traversing the alimentary canal of some bottom-feeding crustacean gives me a guilty pleasure.

I cannot let this note pass without some recognition of the Navy Seal team who executed this.  As an aged military brat, I am always moved to tears at the death of servicemen, and to find that we lost no personnel taking out the most wanted man on the planet catches in my throat and wells my eyes.  You make me proud.  We are in your debt as we lay in our beds at night, not knowing the hardships you and your families endure for our protection.  Godspeed.