4-month old baby Storm has no gender.  Or at least, not one that his/her parents approve of.  Is it their concern about constraints society places on gender roles, constraints their children may encounter?  Or is it a symptom of their own gender dysphoria that prompts them to deny their child his/her own self-identity and personality development?

Whether we like it or not, evolution and physiology tend to have a heck of a lot more to do with “gender” than social norms do.  Social norms tended to evolve around those innate tendencies each sex brought to the group:  Women more nurturing, men more aggressive and physical.  Survival of the species tends to do that.  Of course, today we don’t have the “men-folk” standing guard around the fire to keep the meat-eaters at bay, nor women submissive and relegated to food gathering and child rearing.  So when child producers Kathy Witterick and David Stocker say they “want their child to grow up free from strict social norms about males and females,” just what strict social norms are they talking about? Gender-free bathrooms? Sharing the housework? Blurring conventional roles so that the sexes no longer exist as different in any other way aside from their genitalia? Is that what they mean when they call themselves progressive?

Storm and his/her elder brother Jazz. I'll bet this is about cooties...

Is it about dress? They don’t stick to male oriented clothing for their two older boys.  Jazz, their oldest, likes his pink dress because it poofs out at the bottom and it feels so nice.  Jazz can wear a dress anytime he wants. Unfortunately for Jazz, he’s already been shunned at the playground by two girls who didn’t want to play with the girl-boy.  And it will only get worse.  Children suffer greatly from the fear of not fitting in, not being part of a group.  Being excluded, bullied, seen as different, these are real fears most children face.  Much more so when they have parents who decide that “norms” need to be challenged.  Too bad they’re not brave enough to challenge them with their own lives, instead of the lives of innocent children.

Teaching your children to be selfish is easy.  Sometimes it’s a lesson we don’t intend to teach. Because we are parents, because we have that ultimate responsibility to the lives and well-being of our children, we should do all we can to protect, nurture and help them develop.  Sometimes, that means we have to pull up our big boy boots and do what’s right for them at the expense of our self-serving whim or belief.  Sorry, that’s what being a parent means.  It’s kind of a social norm.

Denying them a crucial part of their developing self-identity for your own beliefs is beyond cruel.