Is Anthony Weiner responsible for his actions?  I certainly thought so.  That’s why I find it a little disturbing for Chris Matthews, referring to Weiner’s wife, to comment “But maybe she’s partly responsible if she knew about it?” on his show “Hardball” shortly after Weiner’s tear-laden confession on Monday.  Don’t take it out of context, start at about 2:30 into this clip and listen to the exchange.

Hey Chris, get this; what Weiner did looks to me like sexual harassment, as well as just plain sick behavior.  Don’t cover for him.  To see another man defend this kind of crap demeans all men.  Geez, use a little freakin’ common sense here.  He’s a man in a position of power, using his fame and prestige to strike up Internet conversations with young women he has never met so he can talk dirty and send them pictures of the little representative from New York.  And you wonder if his wife Huma is partly to blame?

The victim in this. period.

How does that work Chris?  Did Huma say, “you go ahead; here, let me hold that camera for you.”  No? Maybe it went something like this’ “Gee Tony, here’s the Facebook friend I was telling you about, you ought to chat her up and send her a picture of what you cherish most.”

Whatever went on before they were married, she probably forgave him for and he probably promised it was over.  She loved him enough to believe him.  If that’s “partly responsible,” then you live in a pretty warped world.

To his credit, or more likely the credit of his production staff that thought about it over the commercial break, Matthews backpedals, way at the end of the broadcast, stating, “Putting a bit of the blame on her, I don’t think that’s fair. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I agreed with that. I certainly don’t. This is his problem. People love people, they marry them despite their faults.”  I guess that makes it all right Chris.  Takes care of that unfortunate Freudian slip from earlier.  You know, I thought Weiner was crying and confessing because he got caught, not because he thought he was doing something wrong.  Same thing applies to Chris Matthews.

I’ve waited almost a week for someone to remark about Matthews.  Aside from the usual right-leaning webs and bloggers, complete silence from the media. Even NOW couldn’t muster a thought about it.  In fact, nothing about Weiner on their website either.  They don’t care to speak out on behalf of the women he was texting, nor his wife?

As long as some cretin supports their side of the political spectrum, he can send young women all the nasty texts and deviant pictures he wants and they’ll either blame the wife or ignore it completely.

Got it.   Run Huma. Run fast.