The minimum wage in Minnesota is currently $6.15 per hour, $5.25 per hour at smaller firms with annual receipts of less than $625,00 per year.  Sonya Mills is one of the luckier state employees, bringing home $3,600 per month.  That brings her wage to $20.76 per hour.  Her Job?  Up until the state government shutdown this week, it appeared to be making babies.

Does this mean no more babies?

Before I get ahead of myself here, let me state that Sonya does not in fact work for the state of Minnesota.  No, Sonya manages to get over $43,000 a year in state child care subsidies.  Sonya is a 38-year-old mother with 8 children who actually works at a temp agency, so her yearly income is somewhere north of that number.  How far north I can’t say because the several articles (all derivatives of the same AP story) in which I find her quoted on her hardship don’t go into any detail about her at all.  No, the AP and those papers and websites sympathetic to her plight want the focus to be on the fact that she has 8 kids to care for and that the evil state has cut off her $3,600 monthly support checks.  With so many people out of work, will this generate any sympathy at all?  Do Minnesotans wonder why they cannot balance their books?

One has to wonder how those folks who are making at, or just above minimum wage with no children feel about this, since they are contributing to her monthly stipend.  I want to know how much Dad is contributing to his 8 children.  I want to know if she gets a raise with every new child.  I want to understand how in the world we are going to motivate people to go out and look for work when they can make over three times the minimum wage to stay home and have children.

This kind of largess not only destroys incentive and motivation to find work, it also diminishes the importance of responsible parenting and the value of the family itself.

Funny how the argument for this is always “it’s for the children.”