So I thought I would take a small break from blogging until the hoopla over Casey Anthony died down.  I was quite sure she killed her child, but wanted to wait until the verdict was in so I could listen to the chatter around the web and on the various talking head shows, whatever the verdict.  Then maybe I’d post something rather pithy and quite witty.  It was after all, we were told, the trial of the century.  So overwhelming and suffocating was the coverage, one would have assumed that there were no other crimes taking place at the time, none that could equal the repulsiveness of a mother murdering her own toddler.  And of course, man’s inhumanity to man yet again rears its ugly head and proves those assumptions wrong.

Last week before the Casey verdict was reached, I happened to stumble upon an article that made my head swim.   It was short, barely 165 words, right to the point and nauseating as hell.  I did a quick search to see if I could find it covered elsewhere but it only showed up at that time on one other website.  And since that time, it hasn’t had any major coverage whatsoever.  I don’t understand why.

Next candidate for a 30 second thrill ride on old sparky.

I’m still having trouble putting into words how I feel about this.  My anger and disgust have made my hands almost catatonic, I’m mute on the keyboard.  So I decided I would just post the link and let you read it for yourself.  And when you do, please keep in mind a couple of points:  He admits to the crime; he did this to his own child;  and we will eventually be paying to defend him as well as house and feed him for the remainder of his hideous existence.

So please, view this article.  And then send me your comments.  I’d like to know how we keep this from happening.  And is there an appropriate punishment for this crime?   For now, I’m at a loss for words.