Think about how far we have fallen as a society when a learned professor settles down into his first class airline seat for the trip from Salt Lake to Boston and decides he’ll while away the hours watching his favorite collection of kiddie porn.   If you can get past the revulsion, it raises some pretty unique questions.  Did he have no fear of getting get caught?  Or did getting caught not concern him because he didn’t fear the consequences? Or better yet, what would those consequences be? At first I wondered if he was so far gone that he could no longer control his perverse obsession, but that question itself made me cringe; it seems to imply that I would suggest he keep it under wraps, you know, keep it on the down-low, no one need to know.  I need to be careful with my wording here.  That’s the type of language one uses to “normalize” these types of abhorrent behaviors, the word game used by enablers of those who rape our children.

They cannot defend themselves

Our flying pedophile isn’t alone in his brazenness, as displayed by the Penn State and Syracuse stories.  Jerry Sandusky was comfortable enough to rape his victim in the locker room shower in 2002, even though the university was aware of witnesses and allegations of abuse dating back to 1994.  Why he didn’t suffer a brutal beating at the hands of Mike McQueary who witnessed the locker room abuse is a mystery to me.  Sandusky continued to work at his charity as well as bring young boys to the university. In the case of Bernie Fine, police and the press had a 2002 recording of a conversation between one of the victims and Bernie’s wife on which the two discuss how Bernie was, in his wife’s words,  “geared toward” the victim and the fact that she knew everything that went on between he and Bernie.  Concerned mother she was, she at least waited until the victim turned 18 so she could have sex with him too.  The Syracuse Post -Standard heard the tape and never reported the story.  ESPN had the tape, and never ran with the story either.  Finally the police got the tape and did nothing because they “Didn’t have a corroborating second victim.”  Odd, they had at least one victim along with the tape of the victim and the pervert’s wife admitting to her knowledge of the crime.  I guess the right thing to do was wait until some other young boy was brutalized and decided to come forward.  Seems like in the world of the pederasts and pedophiles, there’s always a way out, someone to cover or look the other way.  At least until we get that other damaged, corroborating second victim.

If we shake our heads in disbelief of these enablers, what are we to make of those who support and openly promote this behavior?  B4U-ACT is such a group and they are working to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia.  I would normally link to a source website, but there is no way in hell I’d link any reader to this sewer, hence the link to the great articles from Peter Bella and Janice Crouse at the Washington times.  I’ve only seen a few news items regarding a symposium sponsored by this group this past August.  Maybe the timing was just too coincidental, but I was surprised a lot more mainstream news outlets didn’t pick it up.   Their goal is simple: eventual acceptance of their desire to have sex with children.  They’ve even got a catchy PC term ready for the popular lexicon; “Minor Attracted Persons.” If they can change the conversation, lessen the impact of their actions and distract the general public with victim-based terminology, they may just get their way.  They hope to pressure the APA to change the classification of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders from abnormal, suggesting to the world that’s it’s just another lifestyle choice. Bella puts it quite right stating, “Freaks, fiends, degenerates, perverts, deviants and predators have their own 501(c)(3) that collaborates with the shrinks. The patients are helping run the asylum. “

At some point, we need to back up here; we have to re-introduce stigma and a real fear of consequences.  We can’t continue to accept what we are told by our “learned” members of society, that this is just normal behavior on a wide spectrum of behaviors, morally equal to all other behaviors.  If you can get your pre-teen fix on a plane, soap up young boys in a public shower or sponsor a symposium with other elite scientists to revel in being ‘Minor Attracted” without any fear of public outcry or response, than we truly are doomed as a society.  And we are sacrificing our children first.

Ostracize them all.  Now.