I just bought 5 “8 packs” of 100 watt bulbs at my local Lowes.  Consider it an “after Christmas” present to myself.  I’m one of those folks who just cannot stand fluorescents, period.  No, literally, I can’t be around them.  It took several years to figure out what was causing the burning in my eyes, sharp sudden pain above my brows, inability to focus.  I went through several eye doctors and many prescriptions before one doctor asked me simply to read a book in his office.  In minutes my eyes were tearing, burning like crazy.  He then asked me to take a walk outside and as usual, the pain went away.  I went back inside and he asked me to read the same page in his waiting room, the one that was in full sunlight.  No problems.  Back into his office we went and I tried to read the same passage under the glaring obnoxious glow of the industrial fixtures planted into his ceiling and sure enough, I was back rubbing my eyes and swearing at my glasses.  A casual stroll in a mall, grocery store, even the office where I work and no matter what I’m wearing for glasses, I’m reduced to someone who just got hit with pepper spray.

Government knows best....

The laughably named Energy and Securities act of 2007 means that I’ll need to start stocking up on contraband bulbs while they’re still on the shelves.  The act bans the manufacture of bulbs in the United States, starting this year with the 100 watt.  Of course, the bulbs will still be manufactured in China by General Electric and sold throughout most of the world.  It’s only us idiots at home who decided that a 55-cent light bulb was inferior to the homely-looking squiggle shaped CFL that was next to them on the shelf at Lowes, at 4 times the price mind you.

Many folks like me never really paid attention to the ban in earnest.  I just assumed that we would get 100-watt incandescent lamps that would be far more efficient than those of old.  And besides, I went through the hassle of switching to halogens when they were destined to save the planet.  Remember those? I had several explode on me in normal usage and they all burned so hot that I couldn’t put them on any of the conventional lamp shades we had in the house for fear that we’d get more light and heat than we bargained for.  I just never assumed that the freaking government would want to decide for me how I light my dammed living room.

So even though congress has decided to withhold funding the enforcement of the ban, the 100-watt bulb is on its way out.  I’m now going to have to be convinced that I should use the new CFL’s around my house.  You know, those bulbs that will cost me 4 times more and probably raise my taxes and or trash removal rates when my town has to meet federal standards for their disposal.  The ones that will require my kids to wear HAZMAT suits when replacing.

At some point in time, we as a people need to get off our lazy butts, stop asking for more and take this country back.  Any government that can require you to buy healthcare at the same time it decides you can no longer buy a light bulb has already over stepped it’s authority.  There’s no better description of tyranny.