You can’t make this stuff up.  Several weeks ago I was reading through a small town newspaper, can’t remember from what state and at the time I didn’t think much about the article so didn’t save it.  It was about criminals who were targeting homes where a family member had recently died.  The perps were using the obits and the publicized funeral times to break into homes while the family was graveside.  When I first read the article I thought, jeez, what a creative twist on robbing from the dead.  It bothered me about a week later so I did a little searching and found it happens more frequently than I thought.  Maybe this is a common concept to a warped and twisted mind; since the rest of us have  a hard time understanding the criminal mind to begin with, this just illuminates how disturbed one can really be.

Sara McKinley almost became one of those statistics.  On the day of her husband’s funeral, Justin Martin dropped by Sarah’s home claiming to be her neighbor.  Not likely.  She obviously didn’t know him, certainly not as a neighbor.  More likely than not, he was either scoping the residence out for another time, or may have been hoping to break in on that day not realizing that the grieving young widow would still be there.  He would leave, only to return on New Year’s eve with fellow knuckle-dragger Dustin Stewart, with the intent to break in and…do what?  We obviously can’t ask him, as the young mother did us all a favor by ending his short, but probably illustrious criminal career and his miserable existence to boot.

it was worth it....

In the span of three months, Sara went from having a baby to watching her husband die of cancer on Christmas only to be “victimized” by these two cretins a week after she buried him.  Of course, victimized is not the operative word here.  She, as it turned out, was no easy prey.

I’m not sure if everyone hasn’t thought about it at least once, could I kill if I had to?  Not something one likes to dwell on.  And what happens after?  Is it something one can put aside?  Unfortunately for Sara, Justin Martin gave her no choice.  He made her decide and she took the only option available to her.  He had already concluded that her life, her child’s and even his, were less valuable than his desire to do whatever it was he was willing to break in, armed, to do.  She disagreed vehemently, as it were.

As they say, when seconds count, the police are only moments away.  She was armed, trained and willing.  And she took one shot.  Hit what you aim for.  That’s gun control right there.  However, I don’t want to see Sara used by either side of the gun control debate.  She has enough crap to deal with at this time in her life, including the fact that they let Dustin Stewart out on bail.  But just remember; you can make it as difficult as you want to legally own a gun, but you’ll never stop the armed Martins and Stewarts of the world from breaking down the doors of young vulnerable citizens like Sara.

I’d much rather be perusing their obituaries than hers.