Governor Lynch is a little confused.  Let’s compare and contrast his statements.  When he vetoed New Hampshire’s voter ID law in June of this year, he was quite adamant there was no evidence showing that state voting laws were inadequate, telling the Concord Monitor  “there is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire.” “Voter turnout in New Hampshire is among the highest in the nation, election after election,” Lynch said. “We already have strong elections laws that are effective in regulating our elections.”  But just last week, the governor made a startling statement; “I think it is outrageous that we have out-of-staters coming into New Hampshire, coming into our polling places and misrepresenting themselves to the election officials, and I hope that they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if in fact they’re found guilty of some criminal act,” he said. What changed?

They're only there if Governor Lynch says they are.....

Well, nothing really.  You see, the governor isn’t concerned about voter fraud; he just wants to prosecute Project Veritas for embarrassing his inept ass in public.

You might need to prosecute a lot of people Mr. Lynch.  It appears that I did the same thing Veritas did; I walked into my polling place, actually showed them my ID which they declined, said my name and received a ballot.  Note, I never said who I was.  I just said my name.  Interesting.  I could have disenfranchised my neighbor, knowing his name and address.  And I could have come back a little later possibly, and voted for the folks across the street.   Or I could have been put on a bus from some starting point, let’s say, south of the New Hampshire border, been given a list of names and paid to go in and vote in place of those on the list.

Please Mr. Lynch, take Veritas to court.  I was offered a ballot the same way they were.  The trial then becomes a debate on your integrity Mr. Lynch.  You see, I too walked away from that table with a ballot and at no time was I ever challenged to prove who I was.  As were none of the voters of New Hampshire.  You’ll have to prosecute us all Mr. Lynch because as the video shows, never once did Veritas claim to be anyone; they just asked if a name was on the registrars list.  Just like I did.  Just like all of New Hampshire did.  And we all walked away with a ballot.

It’s up to you Mr. Lynch to figure out who did or did not cast those ballots.  How many of us truly were not who we never said we were?  Or will the scrutiny require you to explain your veto against preventing something you said that doesn’t exist, given that the trial would be about something that never occurred…

On my way home from the polls, I stopped at the local market.  The young cashier is a familiar kid, one I think I coached in soccer.  When I put my bottle of wine on the belt, the little shit carded me.