I really wasn’t thinking of wading into the debate over the contraceptives provision in the president’s health plan.  As usual, this administration has most of America arguing past each other and I can’t even get my normally civilized friends who occupy the opposite political spectrum from me to discuss this one without veering widely from the one point that concerns me most; Personal responsibility versus sticking our hands into other peoples pockets.   If you want to persuade me, please, accept my position as valid as I will yours and we’ll try to move towards each other.  Just don’t decide that the best response is: a) I hate the president because he’s black; b) I hate women and want to oppress them; c) I believe in an a mystical being that cannot be real so I’m foolish and irrational.  Seriously.  I recently heard an Episcopal Minster say that the Catholic Church can believe and teach that contraception is wrong but they don’t have the right to cross the line from persuasion to “coercion” by denying people the option to make their own choices.  And she said it with a straight face.

But again, though that’s not where I would go in this discussion, that’s where the defenders of this policy want to take you.  For me, it’s pretty simple. Coercion is what you call it when the full force of the government compels you to buy a good or service against your wishes, or against your religious beliefs and convictions.  Coercion is when a compliant media paints anyone who dissents from this administrations socialist policies as haters or kooks.  Coercion is when the President of the United States can look you in the eye and tell you that it’s all going to be free, except that the insurance companies will cover the cost which they’ll pass along to everyone though higher premiums which, of course, the President of the United States said would not go up under Obama care. And in the mean time, I hate you, you hate me while more of our civil liberties are eroded and the debt burden crushes our children’s futures.

All because we want “free”.