George Zimmerman will probably not get a fair trial.  Then again, neither did Trayvon Martin.  But what a perfect storm this trial will be.  Those who scream loudest for justice will be sure to inject enough hate and emotion to ensure that it doesn’t happen here. On both sides. Because it’s not about justice.  It’s about vengeance, retaliation, retribution and making sure we are all separate enough from each other as citizens that we don’t have time to focus on issues that are too real and maybe too painful to admit or face.  Because we’re sure that “they” are not like us at all.

As bad as the Klan? Not according to Holder...

As a country, we seem hell bent on making sure we have someone else to blame for everything ill that befalls us.  We all need a bogeyman. We do this without the slightest bit of introspection or self-awareness or even shame for that matter.  And those who we would ordain as our leaders turn out to be the biggest proponents of the “hate for gain” scheme, realizing that it’s far easier to extract money and fame from those who are emotionally ravaged than to present real arguments, painful truths and demand followers to make changes addressing problems they are loathe to admit they contribute to.

Some interesting things to ponder:  The gun control advocates are all over the “stand your ground” law in Florida.  Has it never been applied in the reverse color scheme?  I wonder.  Would the law be so vilified if Trayvon had met his demise at the working end of a Louisville slugger?  How sexy would that be?  No, the death of this young man must be used to advance this ideology, one of many that will be on display.  I also wonder how race became so vital to the crime.  So much in fact that major media outlets would doctor audio of the 911 call to ensure that racial animus was properly employed.  They wanted so much for the suspect to be a white man that they tossed another minority group under the bus and created the “White-Latino.” The dreaded word was applied, he was white and Trayvon was not.  In fact, the President tells us that if he had a son, “He’d look like Trayvon”.   But since Mr. Obama has a white grandmother, wouldn’t there also be a slight statistical probability, genetically speaking, of his son being the same color as Mr. Zimmerman?  Or for that matter, wouldn’t his son look like any of the young black men who have been killed by other young black men around this country in the weeks since Trayvon’s death? Is killing only reprehensible if the victim is black, the perpetrator white?  It is the black man who seems to have devalued the life of other black men.  You must die at the hands of a white man to have truly contributed to …to what?

Personally, I’m tired of the white versus black crap.  We all harbor some level of prejudice, no matter how we try to hide it or imagine our selves pure of it.  I’m also tired of being told that I have no idea what it’s like to be black.  Years ago I was watching Oprah, of all shows, when I heard her say something to the effect of “you white folks, you all don’t get it.”  I wish I had taped it.  But at the time, it didn’t affect me at all.  It still doesn’t.  It did irritate me enough to shut her off for good though. But why should one assume that the white experience is so well understood by every black person?  The phrase that comes to mind the most is that I “never walked in a black man’s shoes.”  I never claimed to.  Why should black people claim to have any more insight into what it means to be white?  Or even more insight into what it’s like to be another “non-white”, or Asian for that matter”? How can you look me in the face and tell me I owe you something for events I never took part in that you never personally suffered under?  Chances are there were a lot of young men who were sold into slavery that looked a lot like Mr. Obama’s son, sold by other young men who looked like him too.

Trayvon had just as much right to be walking the streets unmolested as any other citizen of this country.  Just as the unfortunate drunk who happened into the wrong neighborhood in Baltimore did.  I’m not sure whose son he may have looked like, but I assume he didn’t look like Mr. Obama’s.  Would it be racist to point out that some of those doing the beating do?  Or would that be a painful truth?

The bottom line is that we are all “they”.  We continue to look for reasons to divide ourselves into balkanized groups and communities, be it “the hood” or the “Gated Community.”  And it will continue to be this way, if not worse, if we don’t look deeply into ourselves and face the ugliness that underlies our conceptions of “they” and why we are not “they”.  Unless we discard those who lead by looking for hate and manufacturing it when expedient, we’ll continue to bury our young at ever alarming rates while these charlatans make names for themselves, arms around the shoulders of the grieving black mother, their hands in the pockets of her hoodie looking for more than skittles.