Neat-o.  I get to buy government healthcare.  Or at least I get to have to buy government health care.  And much like government cheese, this stinks and it’ll eventually end up costing us quite a bit.  Of course for those who support Obamacare, you can keep telling yourself it’s free while you pay your share of the largest tax increase in the history of the world.

Screw the immigration papers, show us your insurance card….

So when is a tax not a tax?  Obviously when you’re trying to dupe a willing public who abhors additional taxes, then it’s a mandate.  So you go on national television with conviction ensuring the public that it is indeed not a tax.  Maybe he didn’t really know.  Even Nancy warned us we’d have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.  And like most Americans, who never had the opportunity or didn’t take the time, most politicians didn’t read it either.  One wonders, did the Supreme Court?

It’s pretty simple really.  The heart tugging stories of those who lost their homes due to their inability to pay their medical bills will now be replaced by stories of those who will go to jail or lose their homes for failure to pay their health care tax.  Of course, the local hospital doesn’t come after you at the point of a gun and put you in federal prison, although sometimes the food is quite similar.  Now, the IRS is collecting co-pays.

In the end, it’s another attack on our freedoms.  The only solution now is for concerned Americans and those who are disinterested, to get up and vote this administration and it’s bit players in the congress out and into obscurity.  The impact this will have will weigh this country down for decades and will certainly eradicate any hope of a recovery from the current depression we are living in, both economically and emotionally.

In five years we’ll all remember this day and wish we had the economy Spain currently has.  Enjoy the cheese though.