I have to imagine that our local family hospital will cease to exist in 3-5 years from now, thanks to the depravity of one David Kwiatkwoski.  Mr. Kwiatkowski was good enough to share his hepatitis-c with possibly 3,000 unsuspecting patients in the Exeter Hospital cardiac catheterization lab, swapping their Fentanyl-filled syringes with saline-filled, disease laden needles he had used previously.  With over 30 confirmed cases of infection, it didn’t take very long for the lawsuits to appear and it’s unlikely that it will end with 30. The sheer financial weight of hundreds of lawsuits? Likely the end of Exeter hospital as we know it.

Who is on the other end?…

I gave up long ago trying to reason why someone would, or even could perform such horrific acts against other human beings, people they don’t even know.  Especially, as in the case of Exeter hospital, people at their most vulnerable.  As I said in a previous post, I’m less concerned with “why”, more concerned with “what now?”  What do we do with a serial infector, someone who very well may have infected thousands, not just at Exeter, but also at any of the hospitals from Pennsylvania to as far away as Arizona where he also plied his trade?  Should we help him detox, then give him psychological help so he can be a healthy well-adjusted lifer, with three hots-and-a-cot, plus all the free cable he wants?

As I write this, I sit in front of the television and of course, the nightly news is still feeding us tidbits about the Colorado wacko who wants us to believe he thought he was part of the Batman saga, playing his part when he sprayed the midnight showing with his semi-automatic weapon.  Nothing about Exeter hospital, or the thousands of victims yet to come.  And while Holmes murdered 12 and irreparably changed the lives of everyone who was in the theater that night (and quite possibly many who were not but may fear such public venues from now on), what type of damage, physical and psychological, has Kwiatkowski caused? Can you ever feel safe going under the needle again, in any hospital, let alone in Exeter? Why the short reporting of this event, but weeks later we still hear the echoes of the gunfire from Colorado?

Does it all really boil down to our media’s anti-gun zealotry?  They keep the story going, now talking about Homes’ psychological issues, and what the school may or may not have known.  But what about Kwiatkwoski? He was fired for being drugged at work, found unconscious on a bathroom floor by one of his co-workers, yet he was still allowed to keep the certifications that entitled him to get close to the veins of those who weren’t even in a position to get up and run away.  Gun nuts play to the media’s agenda; Needle nuts, maybe not so much.

Mr.’s Holmes and Kwiatkowski are poster children for the death penalty; Hell, Kwiatkowski could even inject them both.  Hey, a twofer.  But alas, there’s no stomach for justice anymore, only political justice, the justice of the day, flavor of the week.  Let’s see what Mr. Holmes’ insanity defense looks like, knowing that he had been planning his episode for at least four months.  Kwiatkowski had not only been planning his, he’d been living it for years.  They have both proven that they cannot exist with other rational humans without causing great harm. Do everyone a favor and put them both down now, burn their bodies and flush the ashes.  Let’s be done with “why” and get on with “what now. “

Once again, history shows us that a well-motivated psychopath will kill regardless of what weapon he has at hand, be it a car, a gun, a machete, a drum of fertilizer or a needle.