The hypocrisy of the liberal left is amazing, if not outright breathtaking.  This is the party of the little racial check-boxes on every application Americans fill out, the group that peeks under the cover of every college admissions board to make sure the right number of diversity quotas are met and of course, the group that uses race baiting as a weapon against everyone who does not agree with their political position, regardless of what their race is.  Any minority that happens to leave the plantation will be dealt with swiftly and surely.  Marxism trumps race too.

Yes, but I don’t think it was a smart phone…

I had heard about the “Obamaphone” and was interested in researching it for a blog, but work had gotten me a little delayed.  Lo and behold before I had a chance to look into it, a friend sends me an audio clip from a protest in Cleveland and titled it “SEIU paying to protest Romney.”  I played the clip on my blackberry without the video and got a chuckle.  Sounded to me like a little old man, maybe a somewhat uneducated little old man.  I finally make it home from work and search out the video and it’s not hard to find:  It’s everywhere.  And come to find out, it’s a little old lady.  The voice threw me off.

As expected, the left would have you know that we are “trading in horrendous stereotypes” if we happened to notice this woman in the video.  Of course, it’s because…shhhh, she’s black.  See, they bussed in a whole bunch of paid SEIU members to protest at a Romney gathering and wanted some folks of color there so that other folks of color would be sure to understand that Romney, like all conservatives, hates people who don’t look like him.  Or hates people who look like Obama, or Obama’s son, if he had a son.   So the protest backfired because one of the protesters happened to get on camera and talk about the “Obamaphone” and how you can get one, along with all the other democratic voter retention programs available.  Oh, and Romney sucks.

Now, Elspeth Reeve of the Atlantic uses just a bit of time-tested liberal dishonesty when she goes to the racist website Stormfront to tar all conservatives with the hate of the extremists, thereby making any discussion of the context of the “Obamaphone” video moot.  Some Aryan extremist hate group got a chubby over the video so anyone who references it is obviously a racist.  In Reeves words, “So, yes, it’s totally and obviously racist according to some racists who rushed to a “White Pride” Internet forum as soon as they heard about it on Rush Limbaugh’s show. To any conservatives offended at being associated with such vile people, let us say it for you: Using one mockable person you found on the Internet to make generalizations about half the country is lazy and stupid.”  Ah, thanks Ms. Reeves.  Guilt by tenuous association. But your hyperventilating does not distract from the point that conservatives like me have been speaking out against; run-away spending combined with an electorate that increasingly looks to the government and, through government, into the checkbooks of Americans, is driving this country fiscally into the ground.  It may be somewhat inconvenient for the rabid left, but one of their own made the point for us.  There are an awful lot of voters looking for the guy who promises the most free stuff.  Inconvenient, yes.  Racist to point it out?  Not so much.

Basically, I don’t care if they’re toothless, uneducated paid SEIU protestors looking for their “Obamaphone” or privileged, young, white female law school grads bitching for their free condoms; voting for handouts or pandering to those who do is the topic at hand.  See if you can follow it.