It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ve missed it greatly.  I decided to hold off during the last heated month of the election as I was getting increasingly dismayed over the tenor of the campaign. And no, it’s not sour grapes; my candidate didn’t win but I had taken a sabbatical before the vote was taken.  No, it had become apparent that there were forces arrayed against conservatives like me, forces determined to make us targets of hate and derision, disguised as reason but hateful in their own nature, amplified by the megaphones of the biased press.  And now here we are, a party in disarray, being asked by liberals to do some soul searching and reconcile our differences with the majority of those who voted this pretender into office. Ahh, not so fast.  I voted on my principles and however you’d like to dissemble them, they still stand.  I will defend them for the next four years while those who voted for Mr. Obama will defend their positions.  If they can.

can only be heard by dogs and those with fertile imaginations…..

With all due respect to Mr. Cardenas, if I was to say the Democrat party was too black, too female and too young, the liberal media would have a field day with the jumbled message of hate.  Why then, am I too old, too white and too male?  I don’t vote on demographics and if my principles don’t appeal to those demographics, so be it.  The message of conservatism is not age, gender or race exclusive.  You’ve fallen into the same trap that many of today’s voters have been made to believe; that those who don’t hold the same ideas as you are evil, out of touch haters.  Say it loud enough, long enough and with convincing passion and many will believe it.  No, you can change your convictions for convenience.  I’ll defend mine, thank you very much.

It really started to depress me to think that there were people I knew, or I thought I knew and thought knew me, that would affix the label of hater to me just because they had no other way to defend their stance or counter mine.  One insisted that my desire not to fund abortion is proof that I hate women.  The deal is simple; I can pay for her abortion, her contraceptives or her unwanted children, a twisted Sophie’s choice as it were.  My option was simple.  No, you pay for your own decisions.  Problem is, they frame the argument as a woman’s right to choose.  I never said I wanted to take away a woman’s right to choose.  A little intellectual honesty is all I ‘m after.  You choose to kill your unborn child, so be it.  I choose not to be involved, period.  Not good enough, I hate women.  While the left was championing Sandra Fluke, the rest of us were marveling at the courage of Malala Yousufzai.  Fourteen years old, she’s fighting for her belief that she should be able to go to school, maybe one day to be a law school student like the cherished Ms. Fluke. Meanwhile, Ms. Fluke is concerned that I buy her an endless supply of Trojans.  Feminism has receded to the idea that women should not be held accountable for their decisions by hateful men such as me.

Then of course, there were those who felt that I must hate Mr. Obama because he’s black, that old standby in the “when did you stop beating your wife” vein.  Odd, this came from the same enlightened friend who told me he could never vote for a Mormon, someone who believes that he’ll end up with his own planet in the after life.  Funny, I never looked into Mr. Romney’s Mormonism because it never seemed to be an issue when he governed in Massachusetts.  And after all, Massachusetts gave us John Kennedy and once he became president, the Vatican didn’t move to D.C.   The tolerant left is only tolerant to a point.  Like all those wonderful Scientologist fawning over the president.  Hey, their money is good at Obama Inc.  But really, a Mormon?  So if you believe in smaller government, you’re at odds with this president.  If you don’t believe in the transfer of wealth, again you’re at odds with this president.  And if you are at odds with this president, it must be because you hate him because he is black.  Hey, we even have to watch all the code words we use in our everyday vernacular as they’re just “dog whistles” for racists like ourselves.  Words like incompetent or Chicago.  Hard to have a reasoned discussion on issues such as out of control spending, nagging unemployment and an economy in recession when every third word is deemed to be a code word that proves just how racist you truly are.

No, I’ll not apologize for standing up for my convictions.  People under 18 could well be responsible for over $200,000 of the government debt as it stands today.  I don’t believe my children should be saddled with these burdens just so we can fund some social vote-buying program aimed at this or that group.  If winning means making that type of trade-off, I’ll side with the losers.  I’ll stand by my vote.  My liberal friends, one supposes, will stand by theirs.

At least as long as the money holds out.