She’s 23, he’s 27.  Young love no doubt.  Paint the picture in your mind; walking hand in hand down the crowded boardwalk of Universal Studios, care free, listening to the hubbub and ruckus of happy sounds associated with the parade streaming by before them.  Not a care in the world, they step from the curb to cross the crowd-filled street, maybe to share an ice cream or nibble together from a cotton candy wand flavored in one of the myriad of gay colors available.  A perfect day for a perfect couple.  A perfect family story.  Too bad her 3 year-old son James was unable to join them to complete this blissful family scene.  Unfortunately, after bludgeoning him until he was blind, burning his hands and wrists and denying him medical attention for two weeks, they dropped him off at the local hospital; hence he was unable to make the trip.

Jessica Linscott and her dashing beau, one Mr. Roland Dow, have returned to New Hampshire, courtesy of the U.S. marshals who had been looking for the pair since they failed to show up for questioning over two weeks ago.  The duo dropped the young child off at Exeter hospital, describing little James’s injuries as “self inflicted.”  At which point, they promptly fled the state.  Both of these cretins were arraigned today, bail for the pouty-faced Dow set at $500,000; bail for our mother-of-the-year candidate set at $100,000.

Ahh, but the bail is lower for the young Ms. Linscott?  One can only wonder why.  Is she any less a threat, less of a monster than her young lover? Was her participation in the brutalization of her young son less than that of Mr. Dow’s?  Or is the state playing some type of game here, hoping to get her to turn states evidence on the man of her dreams?  I would seriously hope not.  Taking that to it’s logical conclusion, she’ll get a reduced sentence for the crime, probably to be portrayed as the “victim” here, coerced or bullied by the evil Mr. Dow with all his charms and machismo.  Look at his face; he’s just oozing real manhood.

I just blinded your child...I'm going to Disneyland...

I just blinded your child…I’m going to Disneyland…

Don’t jump on my case about battered women’s syndrome.  Been there, lived that.  Here was a woman with plenty of opportunity to reach out for help.  She could have sought help at the hospital when she finally brought her son in.  She could have sought help from the authorities two days later when they expected her to show up for questioning.  She could have packed her son up in the middle of the night and escaped with him, saving him as well as her own pitiful self-absorbed ass.  She could have.  If she had wanted to.

Authorities now fear that little James had been abused for far longer than they previously thought.  How long have these two lovebirds been an item?  None of the stories I read through tells us.  But it appears that she either stood by and watched her son be tortured regularly by this sick puke or she raised her hand against her child herself.  Chances are, little James has spent the majority of his short life being abused at the hands of one or both of these sub-humans.  Think about it.  Most of his life.  Let that sink in.

No, she had a hand in this....

No, she had a hand in this….

It will be interesting to see this unfold.  So many questions, so much anger.  Why were they allowed to walk out of the hospital free?  Not to blame the hospital at all here, just a question.  Why were they not picked up immediately the same day?  Why were they allowed to remain free after agreeing to be called in for questioning, an agreement they eventually skipped out on?  Where the hell were the other adults in this child’s life? Little James’ paternal grandmother claims to have warned Jessica and her family that James was being abused and that they called DSS.  Is this true?  Was DSS involved or not?

It’s clear that these two are headed for prison; question is, how long?  One would hope that Ms. Jessica would be incarcerated well past her ability to ever reproduce again.  As for her hero Mr. Dow, well let’s just say that he needs a minimum sentence, not 50 years with parole after 10.  More like, minimum 30 years, served in the general population if you please.  Let’s see if he can spend the majority of the rest of his life in constant fear and pain, with no one there to rescue him.  You know, kinda like little James.

With that pouty little mouth, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.