If you haven’t heard of John Burbine, I’m not surprised.  I only stumbled across his story quite by accident, nothing on the national news, nothing in the media here in New Hampshire despite the fact that he’s in the dysfunctional utopian neighbor-state of Massachusetts.  Given Mr. Burbine’s lurid history, one would think that he’d be easy to find, if one needed to research his background.  However, one would be mistaken.  As a level 1 sex offender in Massachusetts, he’s all but invisible to an unsuspecting citizenry.  And to parents and potential victims.  Look for him and he doesn’t pop up on the radar. Until now of course.  Now that he’s added at least 100 new indictments to his resume.  Ready for this?  Victims as young as 8 days old.

for some reason, still breathing....

for some reason, still breathing….

As I write, I have to go back again and again to make sure I read and typed it correctly.  8 days old.  It just boggles my mind.  13 new victims, 100 new indictments.  Just how sick is this bastard?  In 1989, Burbine was convicted, not once, but three times of indecent assault and battery on a child.  That granted him the dubious and somewhat useless distinction of being labeled a level 1 sex offender, you know, the kind considered least likely to re-offend, even though a Harvard study concluded that for any sex offender, there is no cure and treatment will never be as effective in reducing further harm to children as preventing access to them.  Odd, he had already been convicted three times.  Maybe simple math and logic is lost on authorities in the bay state  You have to keep in mind however that justice in Massachusetts always bends over backwards to protect the rights, self esteem and feelings of their criminal class.  How utterly progressive.  Information about level 1 sex offenders is only available to law enforcement officials, not the general public.  To protect the offender.  So he can move in next door to you and your kids.  And run a friggin’ day care.  Sweet.

Burbine was accused of abuse again in 2005 and 2009 but authorities couldn’t proceed with the cases as the parents of the victims declined to cooperate with authorities and the charges were dropped.  Again Burbine dropped off the radar.  He even remained off the radar when he and his wife incorporated their day care program in the fall of 2009, basically a convenience store for Mr. Burbine.  Over the course of two years from 2010 through August of 2012, Burbine raped and videotaped his abuse of at least 13 children in the care of his wife’s daycare center.  The ages ranged from the 8 day-old infant to children 3½ years old.

I seldom agree with Governor Deval Patrick, but to his credit, he feels that information about level 1 sex offenders should be made available to the public.  Information on level 2 offenders is made public, but only at the police station of the town or city the offender resides in.  Last year Patrick introduced legislation to change much of this, only to have it die on Beacon Hill.  Of course, now that this monster has ruined the lives of at least 13 new young victims, Massachusetts legislators will be tripping all over each other to address the issue, aghast at the horrific nature of the new charges, without the least bit of shame or embarrassment of having done nothing in the first place.  Malfeasance painted with incompetence.

Just how serious is Massachusetts about abuse against children?  Marian Burbine, John’s wife, business partner and purveyor of young flesh is out on $1,000 bail.  Don’t doubt for one minute that she knew dammed well what was going on.  Meanwhile John, we’re told by his lawyer, is distraught and often in tears.

As if that compares in any way to the tears of an infant just 8 days old.