Well, we survived 2012. Yay.  Survive is probably the right word.  Not sure what we accomplished as a society, but we moved through the calendar and here we are, 2013.  While the past year is still fresh in our minds, maybe we need to think about how we want 2013 to unfold.  As you know, history tends to repeat itself and those who refuse to learn from it are condemned to repeat it. Not sure we can take another 2012.  Of course, it’s time for some random musings.

Change requires courage and honesty...

Change requires courage and honesty…

An acquaintance of mine remarked how happy she was that the holiday season was over.  She apparently found the complaints of those “defending” Christmas to be quite tedious.  The holiday season is just fine until “we” start out bitching about the supposed “War on Christmas.” Cart, horse?  Kind of like saying “I hate how you whine when I punch you in the face.”  We don’t need to defend Christmas until we’re told we can’t say “Merry Christmas” at work for fear of offending.  Or when we can no longer find Christmas trees because they only sell “holiday” trees.  Or grade school kids are denied the opportunity to attend a free production of “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” for fear of….of what?  Fear that kids might be impacted by a positive message secretly disguised as a chance to get away from class for one afternoon?  Or maybe the over-reaching state finally showing its true colors and establishing a religious preference?  Church of Peanuts?   I scoured the headlines from last December and found no one who had succumbed to a nefarious Christmas greeting, although the blogs were ripe with many liberals who had come down with a serious case of the vapors over it.  If the worst thing in your life is someone wishing you a Merry Christmas I’d say you’ve got it pretty good.   Anyway, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kickin’ Kwanza, Rockin’ Ramadan or just a damned good time.

We managed to avoid the fiscal cliff and we find ourselves right where we belong: The fiscal shit-house.  I think we should all just come right out and get some new credit cards, maybe a new Beemer and mortgage for a new home and put them all in our kid’s names.  If we’re going to continue to elect idiots who do nothing but borrow against our kids futures, we might as well just go out and screw our kids directly so they can see who’s really responsible.  Of course with all that new largesse, our kids would hate us anyway, seeing as how it’s pretty acceptable to hate those who are successful or rich.  Acceptable to the point where we legislate how many of their own possessions they are allowed to keep, you know those evil people who already pay most of the taxes in the country but are looked down upon in deference to those 47% who pay nothing at all.  Envy as a political philosophy.  We should be proud.  Problem is, you always run out of other peoples’ money but with the current administration, that’s apparently no problem either.  We’ll just borrow more by raising the debt limit and keep increasing our spending.  In fact, they’re really serious about raising another trillion dollars in taxes but the conservatives who are trying to keep spending under control are the ones who are vilified.  Well, mostly.  The voting sheep-dom who put this poseur in office are looking at their paystubs this week, horrified that he considers them evil “one percent-ers” as well, hence the increase in their own taxes.  Very few realize or would even admit that since he no longer needs them, as they can’t vote for him again, he’ll gladly raise their taxes too.  Once the total burden of Obama-care taxes hits, the wailing will really start. Of course, it can’t be their savior, or the Senator who refuses to pass a budget, so we’ll probably hear some really creative attacks on the “one percent-ers” and of course George Bush.  One can only hope that we grow up in 2013 and live within our means.  (Sorry, makes me giggle when I say it too…)

We’ll suffer the reverberations from Sandy Hook for years to come, not just through 2013, but what we do as a country and a people in the near future is too important to be decided while blinded by the fog of emotions we still feel.  Doing something for the sake of doing something usually results in the worst of outcomes, unfortunately another modus operandi of the cowards we put in office.  You know, never let a good crisis etc..  In an effort to bully and intimidate people exercising their constitutional rights, the Journal News published the names and addresses of thousands of gun owners in two counties just north of New York City.  Now anyone can peruse the list of legal gun owners, avoid their property and move on to those homes where there is a better chance that the occupants are unarmed. Of course, numbers of the horrible gun nuts listed end up being retired police and corrections officers and their families.  Several women with protection orders also found their privacy plastered on the interactive Google map, allowing anyone to zoom in with enough detail to understand the layout of their home and neighborhood.  The Journal should have just paid for the damned cab fare.

Irony of ironies, once the outrage grew the Journal News hires armed guards for their protection.  Odd, they usually dismiss the argument that the best way to protect one’s self is to be armed.  Dismiss it to the point that they hardly report instances where an armed citizen used his weapon to stop crime, such as the off-duty deputies in San Antonio who prevented another mass shooting in a theater, and the young mother who shot a home invader in the face after he found her and her nine year-old twins hiding in an upstairs closet.  The only question that remains is will he file suit for the injuries she inflicted?

A friend of mine commented on how disgusting he found it that his kids can get a gun license far easier than they can a license to drive a car.  Interesting how liberals like to link totally unconnected items in an effort to make a point.  Of course, when I told him that I found it a great deal more disturbing that his teenage daughters can get an abortion without his knowledge far easier than they can obtain either license, well he became quite apoplectic.  Oh not about the abortion of course, but about the fact that I had the temerity to touch the most sacred of rights on the left and link it to an argument about a tool made exclusively for killing.  Yeesh.  That pretty much made me the asshat in the conversation.  I guess the fact that we just murdered well over another three hundred thousand children in 2012, and funded it with taxpayer dollars as well, means absolutely nothing and it’s crass to link it in any way with a horrible genocide like the Newtown Massacre.  When arguing with a liberal, it’s against the rules to argue like one.  How the heck could I expect him to defend a state funded, democrat sanctioned massacre if I link it to that most evil of constitutional rights supported by the second amendment?  Silly me, didn’t I know that there are some massacres you just don’t make light of?   Go ahead, you pick the right one.  Maybe I really ticked him off by answering his question of “why would anyone need an assault rifle” by asking him to finish the sentence “A child in the womb should be torn to pieces because…”  Mea Culpa.

From this early vantage point it looks as though we’re in for a rocky 2013.  We seem to be heading towards limiting if not outright attacking the second amendment, expanding our entitlement society and running our deficits through the roof all while screaming inanities and non-sequiturs at each other in an effort to avoid the painful truth that we really don’t want to do anything positive which may require some heavy lifting.  Imagine what 2014 will look like from here.

Happy New Year anyway.