what will they come after next....

what will they come after next….

Andrew Britt is a good kid.  Really.  We know this because one of his relatives told us so as they exited the Dorchester courthouse.  We also know this because Dorchester District Court Judge Kenneth Desmond had previously released Britt on bail after he was arrested last July.  Prosecutors at that time had requested bail set at $10,000 but our “good” judge saw this “good” boy and dropped his bail a good bit, all the way down to $1,000.  Of course, that was July.  This time?  Good little Andrew is being held without bail.  This time he used a gun.

Britt was attending a funeral reception at a local American legion hall last July when some sort of physical altercation occurred between two female mourners.  When the bartender working the hall jumped in to break it up, Eagle Scout Andrew also jumped into action, driving a knife into the unarmed mixologist.  I’ve no update on the condition of the legion employee, for try as I might, I can’t link to any stories, police blotters, blogs, nothing to give me any details whatsoever about the July incident.  I’ve no idea why the good judge felt that the good Mr. Britt should walk the streets after displaying just how good his knife skills were.  But this isn’t at all unexpected in the great state of Massachusetts.  We like to bail our good violent boys all the time.  Gotta protect their rights and all.

Would the good judge have felt differently had Mr. Britt shot the bartender in July?  We’ll never know, but given the pattern in Massachusetts courthouses, I seriously doubt it would have made a bit of difference.  But in any case, Mr. Britt displayed the willingness and depravity that one must possess to take the life of another human.  He might well have been lucky he didn’t kill in July, but not for the lack of trying, good boy that he is.

So now he’s finally accomplished the feat, this time with a gun.  Maybe the episode in July didn’t garner much attention because the victim didn’t die.  Maybe it went largely unreported because it was a knife, not a sexy as the gun, no second amendment to dismantle here.  But for God’s sake, wouldn’t the low bail piss off at least half the local neighborhood such that we’d be able to pick up some hint that the crime even occurred?

The gun debate will continue to rage on and law abiding citizens will see their rights whittled away by the screaming left, insisting that we’re paranoid about tyranny while they legislate that we step up and register our firearms with the government for our protection; insisting they’re not after our weapons while they ban them and the bullets we load into them.

Of course, Mr. Britt is their poster child.  He’s now adding to the meaningless data they use to justify their march toward the police state they insist isn’t coming.   They can now point to another senseless gun death in Massachusetts, ignoring the fact that they had the culprit in July when he first attempted to kill, but let him go to show how truly progressive they really are.  The District Attorneys spokesman Jake Wark commented, “We stand by our bail request in the July case, but let’s be clear: The blame for Shawn Taylor’s death lies with the person who shot him.”  Oops, he forgot to blame the weapon.  Normally, I’d agree with his sentiment.  But in this case and too many others around the country, the blame lies with the Judges who release on low bail and the voters who continue to allow this type of malfeasance to run wild in our legal systems and legislatures.  We won’t admit it of course.

And the data will say that another victim dies in a senseless gun crime.  Once again, a gun kills someone.  Therefore, we must punish those who have never broken the law.  At least until the next “good” boy out on bail massacres another classroom full of kids.  Then we’ll confiscate all the weapons we registered and the good kids will be good once again.