House Majority Leader Stephen Shurtleff of Concord New Hampshire assures us that he’s not rushing a bill to change New Hampshire’s castle doctrine because of the Newtown shootings.  Nope, not a bit.  The castle doctrine in New Hampshire was amended in 2011, over the veto of then Governor Lynch, expanding rights to defend one’s self anywhere you have a right to be.  Makes sense, why shouldn’t we be able to defend our persons and property just because we’re not standing at the corner of our front steps?  You know, like all those ladies who were attacked in the mall parking lots during this Christmas shopping season.  Mr. Shurtleff would have us drop our possessions and flee.  Although when we are supposed to stop running from criminals he does not make clear.

Mr.Shurtleff's nightmare..

Mr.Shurtleff’s nightmare..

The disdain for private possession of firearms is bordering on ludicrous, past hysterical.  This bill is just another example.  I’d like Mr. Shurtleff to go on record and explain why he thinks the citizens of this country have to continue to be fearful of criminals, not the other way around.  I ran from bullies when I was younger and guess what butt-head; they chased my sorry ass anyway.  It wasn’t until I fought back with a well placed instep to the happy region that the issue subsided.  Just what good can come from repealing this provision now?  What issue has arisen since it was passed in 2011 that makes Mr. Shurtleff unhappy?  Mass shootings in the streets of Cow Hampshire?  Not sure what his issue is with us peons owning a gun, but he was a former U.S. marshal.  I’m sure he’ll get to keep his weapon and use it at his discretion, much like the rest of the elitist hypocrites who want to disarm everyone except themselves and their body guards.

And it gets even loonier.  Have a criminal in your face, show him your weapon and there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll wet his pants and slink away.  Now, that too is apparently unacceptable.  The original statute declared that producing or displaying a weapon shall constitute non-deadly force.  Shurtleff wants that language eliminated from the law.  Yup, now it’ll be illegal to produce your weapon, even if you’re licensed to carry it and don’t even discharge it.  “Hey officer, I was trying to rob that elderly lady and she pulled a Smith and Wesson on me.  Lock the bitch up.”

If Mr. Shurtleff is a public servant, he needs to go.  He is not serving the public at all.  When he lets criminals decide where and when free citizens can be, dictates that it is our duty to surrender possessions under force and makes it illegal to defend our persons, it is obvious that he is pandering to the criminal class in society.  Sad part is, he doesn’t even know it.  And probably doesn’t even care.

Introducing the Shurtleff law.  Drop your possessions and run Jane, run.