I’ve decided to evade my taxes this year.  I hope the IRS won’t be too upset with me.  I figure I can ignore them for the next 20 years or so, save up a little retirement money, form a special interest group and have myself declared an “out of status” taxpayer.  I’m sure representative John Conyers would agree, seeing as how he allows others to break the laws of this country and twists the language, accompanied by his admonition to us to “not refer to them as illegal.”  On second thought, his devotion to taxing the hell out of the citizens of this country would probably trump that support.  Some laws do matter after all.

what other laws does he not like?

Vargas-what other laws does he not like?

I also have a little information for his law-breaking friend, Jose Antonio Vargas; I don’t really care what brought you here, when or how.  Whether you like the designation or not, you are an “illegal alien.”   Sympathy aside, the very first act you participated in after setting foot in this country was to break our laws.  Now you have the audacity to stand up in front of those who are sworn to uphold those very laws and claim that we “dehumanize” you because we expect you to follow the same laws that every other immigrant does.  All while these same elected officials give you cover in the very capital of this country, ignoring the oath they swore to defend its laws and borders.  Your actions have dehumanized those who have worked hard and suffered years to attain their citizenship, not having it granted to them by coercion and political blackmail.  You sir, owe an apology to them and the millions who have marched proudly before them into citizenship.  Explain to them what makes you more valuable then they.  More human.  More deserving.  Oh and just a hint; becoming a journalist to validate your presence here only endears you to those who would use your story for political posturing and see you as nothing more than a voting block to be exploited.  Your actions and yours alone are an insult to your family.

With respect to Mr. Conyers and those like him who decide that some laws are to be ignored, be my guest sir.  Obfuscate all you want, tell us that no one is “illegal.”  The new phrase du jour, “undocumented migrant” fools no one and falls quite short.  Isn’t a migrant someone who comes and leaves?  Not someone who crosses the border illegally, stays for the freebies then accuses their hosts of being ungracious and bigoted.

I’ll trade you.  You’re no longer an illegal immigrant, illegal alien, undocumented ingrate or whatever term you find offensive.  You are what you are; a criminal.  Simple, direct, emotionless.  Right to the point.  The same thing they’ll call me when I evade my taxes. Of course, Mr. Conyers will see to it that I’m prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, one that’s near and dear to his heart.

Will he find a non-offensive label for me? Unregistered democratic voter seems to be taken…