If she doesn’t say no, does she mean yes?  If she cannot say no, does she still mean yes?  Can one imply she means yes based on prior events, activities or circumstances?  I’m not quite sure why there would need to be debate on this.  However, at the upcoming rape trail in Ohio of two sixteen year-old men (of course, they are being tried as juveniles), that’s exactly what the defense will be asking jurors to decide.  Men everywhere should be more appalled than women at what we have become and what kind of male animals we are raising today.

who gets to decide?

who gets to decide?

Raging teenage hormones and under-age drinking are nothing new.  Unfortunately, neither are the sexual assaults so common in these situations.  But I’ve never understood the need or desire to violate a woman, and using her impairment as an excuse makes it all the more foreign to me.  Maybe I was raised differently, I’m not sure.  I don’t think for one minute that the parents of these boys taught them that rape was a good thing.  But somewhere along the road, they certainly failed to teach them anything about morals let alone common decency.   One might say lacking in humanity.

It’s obvious that this young girl was in distress; vomiting all over herself and unable to stand.  Their choices were simple.  They could have walked away, unconcerned for another human being’s welfare, a common trait in society today.  Or they could have shown a little compassion and chivalry and gotten her to a safe place, if not seeing her home.  Instead, they took the next option and carried her to the backseat of their car where they’d take turns sticking their fingers into her for their benefit, as she passed in and out of consciousness.  The defense says “she didn’t affirmatively say no.”

So we’ll hear the defense talk about whether she had actually, maybe at one point, consented to sex.  Okay, let’s assume for one moment that she did consent to have sex.  When? And with whom?  At what location?  For how long? And when does consent to sex mean that you and your friend can carry an incoherent, semi-conscious female by the legs and arms from party to party for that purpose?

Equally as disturbing is the fact that not one person reached out to stop this or intervene.  No, the temptation to post the videos on line was too great; no one wanted to stop the show.  Couldn’t one of her concerned friends have at least called her parents?  Those who stood by silently or gleefully watched as her repeated violations were videotaped are all just as guilty as the two boys in the back seat.

I long for the days where a real man would have stood up for someone weaker and dragged these two cretins into the street for the beating of their lives, for her benefit and the benefit of all good men who abhor this type of animalistic behavior and are nonetheless still tarred by it through association of our gender.  And yes, I would have expected at least one of the women witnessing this to intervene, or at least make a call on one of the countless cell-phones present. Too much to ask?

This is what society has now become; a willing witness to a spectator sport of the lowest degenerate behavior imaginable.  Don’t believe me?  It’s all on YouTube.