I must confess, the subject of abortion causes an internal debate within my mind much like the debate that rages in the public at large.  Convinced that I do not have the right to tell anyone what he or she can or cannot do with their body clashes against my belief that it’s just morally wrong, that we are in fact taking the life of another and usually for nothing more than mere convenience.  Of course, my stance pleases neither my conservative friends nor those of the liberal persuasion.  All I ask is for personal responsibility and truth.  The truth is, you’re ending a human life.  Call it a clump of inconvenient cells if it helps you sleep at night, but the other truth is that the original choice, having sex in the first place, brought you to the point of making the “choice” you claim actually defines a woman’s reproductive rights.

The face that believes children born alive have no human rights...

The face that believes children born alive have no human rights…

The fact that no one wants to take responsibility for his or her actions is key here.  I’m pregnant; I don’t wish to be held responsible.  If I cannot dispose of it, then society at large should pay for it.  If you’re not willing to adopt my unwanted progeny, you shouldn’t complain when I kill it, even if I am asking you to finance its death.  My stance has always been that of a strict constructionist; I have no right to dictate that a woman should carry a baby.  I’ve held that belief with a heavy heart for years, knowing full well that children were being slaughtered for the crime of merely developing in the womb.  At the very least, I believed that the matter should have been resolved at the state level, that the Supreme Court had no standing when it ruled on Roe.  Yes, I was a reliable un-enthusiastic supporter of a woman’s right to choose based on my deep respect for self-determination set forth in the Constitution.  The  fact that I am being coerced to finance either outcome resulting from a behavior that most supporters wish to avoid responsibility for has always left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.  I no longer have the stomach for the lies coming from the left.  I can no longer defend what I truly believe to be the slaughter of innocents.

I posted last year about the slippery slope of abortion.  It seems that those who labeled me as alarmist were disingenuous.  I thought for a time they were just mistaken, but I see now that they’re not idiots, they know exactly what they are doing.  It used to be that the abortion argument centered on trying to define when life begins.  Where in the Constitution does the Roe decision find the right to infanticide? Now that Planned Parenthood has come out in support of killing children who are surviving outside the womb, I am alarmist no more.  This is what the left has evolved into.  The right to murder your children.

I thought we would never be desensitized enough to get to this point.  Again, I was wrong.  Imagine an infant, still startled by the birth process, eyes fluttering against the hard glare of institutional fluorescents in the delivery room.  As she gathers the strength in her lungs to vocalize her dissatisfaction with her welcome, she is placed on a cold sterile table, rolled over on her stomach so a pair of surgical shears can open the base of her skull to snip her spinal column.  Past the stage of viability, her 8-pound-plus body is too large for the shoebox she is placed in, legs and arms hanging over the side but no longer wiggling as her life ebbs away.  The doctor on trial for performing this feat of humanity is claiming in his defense that these were legal abortions, and of course, prosecuting him is racist.  Never mind that the majority of the children that he killed in this way were minorities, as were the women he fleeced and damaged in the process.  His claim that the children were delivered dead does not stand.  Why would they sever the spinal cords of dead children?  The details are horrifying; even the staff were routinely killing viable infants, born alive only to be murdered at the request of the doctor and the women who paid him to exercise their choice.

Is this really what women mean when they say “my right to choose?”  Is this a choice they can live with the rest of their lives?