The New Hampshire House recently passed HB135, effectively repealing the state’s “stand your ground law” which was passed two years ago over the veto of then governor John Lynch.  The law allowed the use of deadly force for New Hampshire residents anywhere they have a legal right to be, an expansion of the Castle Doctrine which offered the same immunity for those defending their homes.  It sounds logical on its face: You have a right to defend yourself and your personal property anywhere you are.  Why our legislature finds that concept abhorrent is anyone’s guess, although I have a few suspicions.  If the state Senate passes the bill, New Hampshire effectively becomes one great big “gun free zone”, you know, sort of like Columbine, Virginia Tech, a certain theater in Aurora Colorado, Washing DC, Chicago and Sandy Hook elementary.  Removing one’s right to defend oneself, others and their property worked out real well in those locales didn’t it?

Shurtleff and the house Dems showing how it's done...

Run Away!!! Shurtleff and the house Dems showing how it’s done…

The bill is a solution looking for a problem at best.  State Representative Stephen Shurtleff is sure the current “stand your ground” law will eventually lead to wild-west style shoot-outs in downtown Manchester, with law-abiding citizens high on caffeine taking pot shots at each over their place in line for scratch tickets.  He doesn’t seem too concerned about the women who were targeted in shopping mall parking lots this year, never mind the increase in violent gang-related crime popping up in New Hampshire’s largest cities.  If only those darned law-abiding citizens would just hand over their stuff and stop exercising that archaic second amendment, the world would be a much nicer place.  Asshat.

Mr. Shurtleff’s law relies on the premise that you’ll be able to make that split second decision that you can retreat.  Retreat to where?  How far, for how long?  And ultimately, you’ll be required to leave your stuff behind, because basically, they’ll chase your ass until they take it, seeing as how that’s what they intended to do in the first place.  Thanks to their buddy Shurtleff, their job just got a lot easier.

Odd isn’t it that those who have the second amendment right to bear arms and lawfully do so are the target of Mr. Shurtleff and his democrat companions in the house? Why is that?  What are they doing about those who are going to prey on the unarmed?  You know, those wonderfully productive citizens he’s trying to protect, usually with lengthy rap sheets and quite often out on probation?

The bill also contains language stating that brandishing a weapon is also considered deadly force.  So now if you scare the puke off by showing him your Glock, you’re hosed. “Officer, that little old lady wouldn’t give me her Oxycontin ‘script, she pulled a gun on me.”  You gotta be kidding me.

The bottom line here folks is that your government is seeking to disarm you and take away your right to defend your persons and property anywhere you are outside of your home, and it won’t be long before they revisit that scenario too.

I’d like at least one courageous lawmaker to introduce a bill in the house as follows:

“No lawmaker, state official or public employee funded by the taxpayers of the State of New Hampshire shall be legally entitled to any protections not afforded to the citizens of New Hampshire, including armed guards, law enforcement details, personal body guards, nor allowed to carry any weapons or devices for the purpose of self-defense, and shall be subject to any laws, federal or state that impose any such restrictions on possession of arms or self-defense devices upon the citizens of the State of New Hampshire.”

Until such time as we find courage in those we elect, we’ll need to band together to remove those who seek to strip us of the rights they swore to uphold.  Or let’s just change the state motto.