So Melissa Harris-Perry has decided that she needed to “double-down” (her words) following the debate that ensued from her “lean Forward” ad where she seems to impugn the quaint notion that kids are the property and responsibility of their parents.  Dismayed and somewhat shocked that anyone could disagree with the benevolent nature of collectivism vis-à-vis child rearing, she expanded on her view while insisting that she’s not going to take your children because her eleven year-old would be greatly upset at gaining all the new siblings.  Typical of the collective mindset, she has no concept (or is just disingenuous) that statist and collective philosophy, policies and practices have done more damage to children through destruction of the nuclear family unit.  No one should strive for “Leave it to Beaver.”  No, parenting should be the domain of the state, through the benevolence of the collective welfare state that brought us the lost generations of Detroit and Chicago, to name a few great communities in which to raise children.  Before you go all “race card” on me, the problem exists in downtown Podunk Cow-Hampshire too. No, she’s not advocating that the “gubmint” come and take your children.  She’s advocating that you’re not responsible, pretty standard thought for those who call themselves progressive.  No need to take them by force if we convince parents to abdicate their responsibilities willingly.

She's not taking kids, she's buying them...

She’s not taking kids, she’s buying them…

Those on the right who got the vapors from her original ad seemed to miss the subtlety here.  This is all the same material, it’s “for the children.”  Everything they do is for the children.  How can you argue against someone who’s looking out for the children?  You know, your 12 year old daughter just has to have that abortion on demand.  Or for her benefit, the school will provide her the morning after pill and she can wash it down with a big gulp, provided she’s not in New York City.  All the things that traditional parents deny their children because we’re not so, well…progressive.

No, this is about expanding the welfare state and the continued destruction of traditional families and values.  It’s about giving up your rights by giving up your responsibilities.   Nasty little things, those responsibilities.  Every act seems to have some type of consequence.  The liberal, or progressive theory is predicated on it’s not your fault.  Don’t worry, we’ll step in and force others to pay for your choices, plain and simple.  Took out a mortgage you couldn’t afford?  No problem, we’ll bail you out.  Student loans far exceed the earnings potential of that “Elizabethan Puppetry” Master’s degree?  No issue, we’ll just tax that retired couple down the street.

The point she’s making and many missed, is that they don’t have to come for your children.  Through the opiates of the welfare state, you’ll just hand them over anyway.  Just like with the other aspects of rights and responsibilities, the left sees no reason for anyone to be “punished with a baby.”   Don’t under estimate how appealing this concept is to those who have been indoctrinated in public schools in their philosophy of entitlement.  You’re entitled to everything you want and you don’t have it only because someone else is keeping you from it.  Or expecting you to earn it.

If everyone is responsible, no one is.  If no one is responsible, then the state must be.  After all, it’s for the kids.  Just don’t think of them as yours and you’ll be fine chasing that check.