In the Elizabethan era it was common for executioners to be well paid, some even being given houses as a condition of their employment.  The common notion is that the condemned were forced to pay their executioner for his services, a tale like almost all others rooted in some measure of truth.  Criminals of the higher classes were usually offered the more humane types of capital punishment (Humane? Go figure) such as beheading, either at the guillotine or with the executioner’s axe.  Payment or tipping was provided to the executioner in the hopes that he’d sharpen the blade of his instrument to ensure a swift, clean application of the sentence.  Less a payment, more a bribe actually.

Your tax dollars at work...

Your tax dollars at work…

Those condemned to die had the option of paying for swift justice and knowing the cost.   However, those executed during the Boston marathon bombings will never know how much they paid to have their innocent lives snuffed out because the criminals have a right to privacy.  Or in Governor Patrick’s world, we can’t know because “it’s about abiding by the law.”

We’ll never know how much we paid to house and feed these malcontents.  We’ll never know what the living stipend on their state issued EBT cards amounted to or whether it contributed to their ability to fund the annihilation of Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi or little Martin Richard.  We’ll never know how they could afford to go to prestigious schools or drive cars many of us can’t afford, or how much they were paid to scatter the limbs of the countless others across Boylston Street.  How much did the state inadvertently pay them to execute Officer Sean Collier as he sat in his cruiser on the MIT campus?  Too harsh? Or too accurate?

We can’t know because we don’t want to. We certainly won’t know unless we want to.  Unless we hold accountable those who continue to support these programs for reasons other than the welfare of those who truly need our benevolence versus those who help fill quotas and round out the demographic voting blocs, then we will absolutely never know.  Because knowing would put a spotlight on the true reason behind these programs, behind those who subvert them for expediency and political gain and might cause rational thinking Americans to reassess just what we’re getting for our tax dollars.  It may even force us to look at others here, like these two sub humans, who came here claiming asylum from a land they were all too comfortable returning to.  And of course, we can’t assume that all on welfare are like these two, so therefore we shouldn’t look at any of them.  They have rights too.

We have a right to know, we have a need to know.  We have a need to know who has come to this country to kill us and how much it’s going to cost us, both in numbers of dead and the gratuities we’ll pay our executioners.