I’m often amazed at the resiliency of children.  Oftentimes, our hearts break when we read of the hardship or abuse they suffer, usually at the hands of their own parents, only to follow-up and discover months, maybe years later that they’ve apparently come through the ordeal and managed to thrive anyway.  Or maybe it just seems that way.  One can never know I guess, what these children may harbor deep inside their psyche.  Some could be good at hiding it, some could actually have moved past it; still others may just be in denial.  Would I be able to tell the difference if I saw it?

100 years would have worked too...

Biron: 100 years would have worked too…

Lisa Biron’s daughter has me a little concerned.  Her mother was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison for crimes that made her eligible for 100 years of incarceration.  The younger, unnamed Biron pleaded for mercy at her mothers’ sentencing, telling the presiding judge that her mother “had made some mistakes” but deserved a second chance.”  She concluded the two-hour hearing by telling the judge that “her mother is not the monster she has been made out to be.”  Apparently the judge concurred and sentenced the elder Biron to 40 years, a sentence that he feels adequately removes her from society for the majority of her life and “eradicates the threat that she poses to minors and adolescents.”  The judge felt that Biron’s crimes were “extraordinarily egregious” and had done incalculable damage to the victim but recognizing and acting on the plea for leniency could help the victim in her rehabilitation.  “In time,” he added, “I hope she will come to see the truth, and that is her mother is the victimizer.”  Sentencing Biron, the judge ended by telling her “I think the damage you have done to your daughter is incalculable.”

Is the younger Biron experiencing a form of “Stockholm Syndrome”, or is it as easy to explain as her being afraid to be without her only parent? Or could she possibly have reached some enlightenment beyond her years and has truly forgiven, even while understanding the true evil of the act her mother committed against her?  I’d love to give her the benefit of the doubt and credit her with the latter, but I’m quite sure it’s possibly the former.

She was only 13 when her mother started to prostitute her on websites, eventually filming her daughter losing her virginity to men in Canada who answered her ads.  Not satisfied, Biron also filmed herself having sex with the girl.  Biron blamed a period of high stress after her husband abandoned her and a downward spiral involving alcohol.  Not sure how stress or getting drunk leads one to post ads on Craigslist, then offer their young daughter up for filming porn, but it certainly couldn’t be Biron’s fault.  Well at least not entirely, as she saw it.  Biron even made mention while in jail that her daughter had played a big part in this, “probably bigger than anyone else’s.”  And at her sentencing, her daughter would testify that her mom had only made a few mistakes.

I can only feel sadness for this young girl at this point.  I’m not sure what she lived through or how long, but it’s probably the only family life she had.  So there she stood, in the middle of a federal court, pleading for leniency for the only person she has in her life, a person who would abuse her and pimp her out for her own gratification.  A person who was certainly willing to blame her young daughter for the abuse she brought upon her.

And apparently, a mother who could program her daughter to feel guilty for the things her mother had done to her.