Had the wonderful experience of tearing my tendon away from my right bicep.  Ouch.  Of course, being in the sling, having surgery to re-attach the wayward tissue back onto the bone and struggling through recovery I found it a little more than difficult to get to the keyboard.  I still cannot turn my right hand over enough to have my hand palm-down.  I tried to blog using just my left hand, but sometimes it felt as though that extremity wasn’t part of my body either.  Most of the things I tried to type with my non-dominant hand came out looking like some cryptic language and if it wasn’t for the hilarious attempts of my spell checker offering some rather off the wall corrections, it would have been downright depressing.  Stop and think for a moment, what it would be like to lose your dominant hand.  Some things easily come to mind like writing or typing, but it’s the things we take for granted every day which disappear that truly frustrate you.  Almost poked my eye out trying to brush my teeth the first night after surgery.  Could have been the pain meds or just my uncoordinated left-handed toothbrush control, but whatever the true reason, my left nostril won’t have any cavities for sure.  And of course, my beard looks like I trimmed it with my eyes closed, in a dark closet while drunk.  All kidding aside, it makes one truly appreciate the hardships overcome by those who are incapacitated permanently.

So I had a bunch of totally random thoughts rolling around the old brain bucket, observations mostly, and hey, it’s time to blog.  It’s actually part of my physical therapy.  Be warned, I’m typing with a limp.

Ouch, typing with a limp...

Ouch, typing with a limp…

Thank goodness Target has moved to protect me from the scourge of that Obama-supporting racist, Paula Deen.  Heaven forbid I come across any possible utterance of the dreaded “N-Word” while I’m looking for a new spatula or a cookbook on southern biscuits.  She must be vilified and destroyed at all costs as adequate punishment for something she uttered many years ago.  So be it.  Of course, if I still want to get my fill of excitement and live on the edge, I can always saunter over a few aisles into Targets’ vast hip-hop and rap music collection and get all the “N-word” I need.  I was somewhat disappointed however; I looked in as many of her cookbooks as possible and was unable to find a recipe for the totally non-demeaning “Creepy-Ass Crackers.”   Should I have looked in the aisle with the rest of the Nabisco products or would I have had better luck in the music section?  Who knows?

It looks like Mr. Snowden may end up in Venezuela. Well, maybe.  I dunno, I have mixed emotions about our hero, protector of rights and privacy.  He did us all a favor telling us how intrusive our big-brother overlords actually are.  I just wish he would have brought it to an inspector general, the senate, or anyplace in the U.S., maybe even the press.  Instead, he’s not only giving our enemies the details of how we as a nation are spying on our own citizens as well as them, he’s handing them the data too.  You don’t get invited into a foreign country if you’re wanted in your own country of origin unless you’re willing to pay the piper.   Just think of how more heroic he would have been as a whistle-blower working with the New York Times.  Then again, who knows if the lap-dog press would have run this story given their proclivities.  Hey here’s a great idea.  Ask for asylum from a country where you “disappear” if you’re accused of what he did in the U.S.  He may have been a pretty good traitor, but he’s lousy at long-range planning.  Hope he enjoys all those human rights and freedoms in the paradise that is Venezuela.

Of course, everyone is disturbed about the amount of personal and private communications and information the government is collecting on its citizens.  Heaven forbid they read the text messages between two fifteen year old teens discussing the Beebs.  Hey, I’m down with the outrage.  But for years now it’s been pretty well-known and accepted by a lot of privacy-minded citizens that the IRS will be collecting all of your personal medical data.  Yup, no issues there.  You see, as long as the government promises something for free, well then whatever they need to do, that’s just ducky.  Maybe I’m just odd here, but if you want to peek at my emails where I rant about government over-reach, yeah I’m pissed.  But hey, communications between me, my doctor and insurance provider regarding my recent urine sample should be sacred.  TMI?

However, our great leader, the infallible Barack, has now made it a law that government employees MUST spy on each other.   This isn’t related to Snowden however, it’s in response to the Wiki Leaks debacle.  Neat huh? The sitting president of these United States has made it mandatory that government employees have to spy on each other under penalty of law for failing to do so.  Does that make you happy?  Sounds kind of Stasi-esque, or for something more relatable to my liberal friends, Nixon-esque.  If this was a republican president, you’d be crawling all over his ass and tripping over each other to be the first to demand articles of impeachment.  If you voted for this megalomaniac, raise your hand.  Now please slap yourself upside the noggin.  At least you protected us from the Mormon secret police.

Employers are still waiting for clarity on Obama-care(less) and got a reprieve.  Or did they?  The uncertainty surrounding implementation of Obama-care(less) has held employers back from hiring, and encourages them to reduce hours and increases the number of people working part-time.  Sweet.  The White House moved to delay implementation of the employer mandate until, well, at least until after the 2014 elections.  They’ve had three years to get these exchanges up and running.  Maybe they really didn’t read the dammed thing after all.  I’m more inclined to believe that the democrats up for reelection pushed hard on the administration because they understand that this law was rammed down the throats of their constituents and they don’t want to pay the price for supporting it at the ballot box.  I would ask the obvious follow-up question as to whether or not a president can choose to ignore the timeline of a law he signed, but that would just confuse the issue.  It’s not like he’s ignored other laws on the books.  (See immigration and amnesty)  Of course, the feckless republicans in the house are going to investigate the delay.  Baloney Sandwich.  They need to get off their timid asses and repeal a law, a tax actually as defined by the Supreme Idiots, which originated in the senate and not the house.  And a law that regardless of the siren songs of press harpies, remains highly unpopular with most of the country.   Remember, sometimes your vote matters.  But mostly, not voting matters more.

Last thought for the day: isn’t it counter-intuitive to riot over the Trayvon Martin verdict in a stand your ground state?  Just sayin….