Timing. It’s all in the timing.  When I noticed great words of wisdom and healing from pugilist-philosopher Terrell Gausha, I did what I normally do when blatant idiocy hits my windshield; I took a deep breath and filed it away under “get to this when you’re not pissed off…”   Seems Gausha believes that the country that rewarded his hard work in the gym with the opportunity to fight for that country’s Olympic team is too racist for him to ever wear their colors again.  Well, at least that’s what he tweetedAnd tweeted.  Until he back pedaled and blamed TMZ for making it “seem different than what it was.” What it was Terrell, was the ranting of a loud mouthed bigot who may have realized a little too late that he just spit out his future endorsements and possible future Olympic Team assignment as if they were his mouth guard between rounds.  No thought, just training.  Reaction.  Kind of tells a person a whole lot about you.  TMZ caught you with your guard down as it were.

Here, put these on.  They'll help you fight your own bigotry.

Here, put these on. They’ll help you fight your own bigotry.

Before I had a chance to gather my thoughts on this twit and his tweets, another famed sports figure weighed in.  Charles “The Round Mound of Rebound” feels that the verdict was correct.  Get ready Sir Charles, the long knives will be out for you now, gonna get a little hot down in the paint.  Sir Charles has never been shy about his opinion on any number of subjects and you have to admire his courage for taking an unpopular stand.  Of course, Charles won’t be backpedaling on this either.

Maybe Charles has the advantage over Terrell.  After all, Charles spent a lot of time having rather large men jamming their elbows unmercifully into his ribs.  Terrell has the great disadvantage of having other large men pounding his punkin on a daily basis. And it shows.

Thank you sir Charles, for calling it like it is and making these other race baiting media whores look small by comparison.   I’m sure there are an awful lot of Americans who feel as you do.  And Terrell?  Lots of folks are going to be keeping an eye on your career.  You’re going to have to Photoshop your face on your own dammed box of Wheaties my friend.  And as for the Olympic team?  It appears that you decided you can’t represent this country.  Maybe the USOC will take notice.  I certainly don’t ever want to see you wear the USA uniform again.  You offended a lot of folks out here and guess what?  Taking a read from Sir Charles, not all of them are the hated whites.

Instead of sweating it out in the gym to the theme from Rocky, maybe Terrell will switch to Stevie Wonder tracks.  It’ll make him feel better about his own internal hate.