The cult of personality is on full display; unfortunately it’s on display in the dust covered rodeo ring of the Missouri State Fair.  Wearing a mask of President Obama and joking that the President doesn’t know he’s a clown has all but ended the career of professional rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling.  And quite possibly, if the Missouri NAACP has their way, he may get a nice visit by the clowns from Holder’s’ justice department.  Seems like a lot of rodeo-ring ground cover over nothing actually.  Not sure if there was a hate crime involved here, as much as a pretty lame attempt at political humor tied to first amendment rights, but let’s not let that reality stand in the way. Once Caesar is insulted, a price needs to paid, a pound of flesh is due and sensitivity training must be completed to make amends.  As if amends could ever be made.  The horror, a mask of Barack Obama.

I dunno..he looks pretty sensitive to me...

I dunno..he looks pretty sensitive to me…

Sensitivity training?  Does that phrase not even sound slightly out of place with the term “Rodeo?”  Actually what we could all use is a little de-sensitivity training, possibly teaching us all ways to deal with insults or slights as grown-ups,  without getting our panties in a bunch.  The Missouri State Fair commission has now mandated that the Missouri Rodeo Cowboys Association and their subcontractors all have to show proof of having successfully participated in sensitivity training before they do business with the MRCA again.  I don’t know, just the thought of the Marlboro man sitting around the campfire with all the other cowboys, tears running down his face while he gets in touch with his inner, sensitive side is somewhat disturbing.  One would hope that the rodeo cowboys would all get together and tell the Missouri State Fair Commission to kiss their leather-chap covered asses.  Get along little doggie..

Why is this president so different from all the others that have come before him that any slight, insult or hint of dissension leads these people to such hyperventilation?  At least our intrepid barrel-riding clown didn’t put Mr. Obama’s head on a pike like HBO did with George Bush in the “Game of Thrones” season one finale.  I guess HBO didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to be honored like Gabriel Range had been in 2006 when his film “Death of a President” won top awards at the Toronto Film Festival.  Of course, Mr. Bush being white had nothing to do with it.  Range and the Toronto critics hated him merely on policy issues, claiming the film earned its award “for the audacity with which it distorts reality to reveal a larger truth.”  I don’t quite remember ever reading about anyone from HBO or any critics attending sensitivity training, but then again, they were merely speaking about a larger truth.  Must be a freedom of speech thing.  Rodeo clowns obviously don’t have a politically correct truth, opinion, or first amendment freedom of speech either for that matter.  Oh and they’re racist bastards to boot.  Would one doubt for a minute that you could have purchased Bush, Reagan, Nixon or even Romney masks at previous Missouri State Fairs?  What type of sensitivity training has the commission completed?  One wonders.

Let’s hope the NAACP does get its wish, that the federal government investigates this clown for hate crimes.  Or, actually, for insulting the President.  Where does this lead?  Here? Or maybe here?  Is this where we’re headed?  Do we really want to elevate our elected officials’ image and pride over the rights of others opinions or ridicule?  Sadly, many seem to be saying yes, if not explicitly, then implicitly by staying quiet.  At the very least, one would hope that the midway at next year’s state fair is a little more empty, or at least has a sensitivity tent next to the palm reader’s booth right where it belongs.

Once the dust settles over this flap and all the clown make-up has been removed, maybe the NAACP can move on to more substantial issues like the daily killings of young,  poor black men in Detroit, or maybe even ponder whether or not just sitting on a school bus is grounds for getting your ass kicked.  They won’t.  No profit.  Whether they want to admit it or not, it’s not racism on the part of a rodeo clown that prompted him to express his dissatisfaction over the current occupant in the white house.  But it IS racist to see color as a basis for every disagreement anyone has with Mr. Obama.  And if you think running around some dusty rodeo ring with an Obama mask over your clown make-up threatens this president or is a hate crime, you damn well better start asking why three young black boys can kick the crap out of a young white boy and not have that qualify for a hate crime too.

Are we really sure this was a state fair?  ‘Cause now it’s a friggin’ circus..