“Dad, I’m bored!” If you’re a parent, you might have heard that plaintive whine on more than one occasion.  If you’re a real parent, your child doesn’t decide that killing someone is a great afternoon of fun.  How are we raising, or obviously not raising them, that murder is an option for filling a boring summer afternoon?

someone seems bored...where will it lead?

someone seems bored…where will it lead?

Chris Lane, an Australian college student with a baseball scholarship to East Central University in Oklahoma was far from bored.  Following his typical training regimen, he was out jogging in rural Duncan Oklahoma when his young apathetic killers stalked him long enough to satisfy their desire for excitement before they finally executed him with a shot in the back.  They left him to die on the side of the road. Their explanation?  They were bored and wanted to see somebody die.

Authorities aren’t releasing the names of the suspects due to their ages of 15, 16 and 17. How quaint.  We still cling to the notion of juvenile law, even when we are faced with individuals who have gained enough wisdom in their meager years to procure a weapon, stalk their prey and execute them in cold blood by the side of the road.  Ahhh,  but they’re just suspects at this time you’re thinking.  Yes, except one of them admitted to the crime and fingered another as the one who pulled the trigger.  I had to scour newspapers outside the US to find their names and faces.  Of course, according to their parents, they’re all good kids. Hey, the two youngest have even suffered “tragic” lives.”   Sorry, their victims’ friends and families have suffered a tragedy.  All these young pukes have suffered is not getting what they want when they wanted it, pretty much a spot-on description of the generation of narcissists we seem to be churning out these days.

There are an awful lot of bored youth pulling triggers these days.  Or as in the murder of Kimberly Cates, hacking people to death with machetes.  We’ll analyze them, wring our hands over their possible poor upbringing and lack of opportunity until our heads explode and then send them off to juvi until they’re 21, ready to come out and face the world as rehabilitated young adults, filled with promise and hopefully no longer bored.  Or dangerous.  Yeesh.

I’m not a perfect parent; Far from it I’d bet.  But I’d like to see someone research the parents of all these little monsters.  Wanna bet we’d find a trend?  People without the skills or maturity to parent a child, filled with rights, privileges and entitled to whatever they believe they’re entitled to.  Just because.  The worse thing they pass on other than their genes is the belief that someone owes them something, never instilling their young with morals, the concept of hard work or responsibilities.  Or even the value of life for that matter.

Values, morals and responsibilities? Sounds utterly boring…