Okay, time for a mini rant.  I’m usually not one of those “boycott them out of business” kind of people, but I can’t let this one go. Chef and restauranteur Russell Ireland needs to hear from as many former customers as possible.  The operative word being former.

Drop into face book, but drive by this dump.

Drop into the Facebook page, but drive by this dump.

When veteran James Glaser stopped by to have breakfast at the “Big I” diner in Oxford Massachusetts, he was accompanied by his loving service dog Jack.  If you’ve ever witnessed the love one of these animals provide to their disabled owners,  you’ve truly witnessed the love of angels. Disclaimer, I’m an animal lover and have a sweet spot for dogs.  I also come from a military family and cannot stand those who disrespect our vets.  So Mr. Ireland has managed to piss me off in two directions. Sweet.

Apparently, Mr. Ireland felt that James and Jack were a little to close to the kitchen so he asked him to leave.  Actually, he commanded James to “Get that f%&#ing  fake service dog out of here.” When James presented Ireland with Jack’s certification papers, Ireland balked and out the door Jack and James went.  Not to another booth, not away from the kitchen, out.  Bye-bye.

James suffers from PTSD.  That thought is not lost on Mr. Ireland, though.  He doesn’t want either James or Jack in his restaurant.  “This is a post-traumatic stress dog to give him emotional support. How much emotional support do you need when you’re eating breakfast?” asked Ireland. You’re kidding me, right?

Ireland wants us to accept his apology to “any veterans I might have offended.”  Excluding of course, James who spent 21 years in the service and did two tours in Iraq. Even though James and Jack are living with that stress, Mr. Ireland wants to elicit sympathy for his own stress issues, claiming he was “stressed out” and “snapped in part, because he was having a bad day.” A bad day? What, was the toaster firing rounds at you across the kitchen?  Got wounded opening one of those silly little plastic jam packets on the table? If this wasn’t meant to be a crude swipe at James and PTSD in general, and I have to believe it was, then Ireland is one of the dumbest punks we’ve ever encountered.  let’s make sure he gets treated that way.

if you have a chance, let ’em know how much you’d like them to go out of business.

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