Sometimes there are no words that adequately describe the depravity that exists in some people’s souls.  When an act of such ghastliness hits us in the face, we react in varying ways, from anger to utter astonishment, wondering about the future of all mankind and searching, ever searching for answers, reasons or understanding.  Only because we have a hard time coming to grips with the reality that evil is evil, no justification needed and then we are left with the question of how we as civilized people should, or even could react to it.  One such crime is the death of a child, willingly, wantonly, at the hands of its own mother.


One face of evil. trading life for wings and beer…

Amanda Hein is one such monster and we need not understand her motives or circumstances in any detail to come to grips with her extraordinary level of evil.  Far from a young woman, the 26-year old hid her pregnancy from everyone, apparently quite successfully, including her friends and family.  None suspected a thing as she went into labor in her local sports bar as she watched the pay-per-view wrestling event they had all reserved a booth for.  None of them gave it much thought that she spent 45 minutes in the bathroom after complaining about back pain, texting her to see if she was okay and even yet, none were concerned that she returned from her post-restroom smoke break, spattered with blood, still bleeding at their booth while she continued munching away on wings and beers.   She had just given birth to her son, killed him and then wrapped him in a plastic garbage bag, stuffing his tiny body in the tank of the toilet before rejoining her friends and their night of frivolity.  It wasn’t until the next morning that janitors discovered the baby while investigating the non-working toilet, linking together the blood smeared on the walls of the bathroom stall with the large amount of blood which they had to clean from one of the reserved booths the evening before.  The booth reservation ultimately led to her identity and her admission to police that she had indeed, suffocated her newborn, after which she spent another hour at the bar, refusing to leave until the WWE event was over.

I’m tired of asking how the hell something like this happens, what drives these grotesques, what “we” could have done to prevent this or what role society played in deforming another “good kid.”  And I must apologize to those of more genteel natures, but if she is facing the death penalty for this, I’m tired of asking “when?”

We cannot accept evil among us.  We need to be strong enough to vanquish it, especially when it has the blood of its own children, our children, any children on its hands.

Am I too barbaric myself for wanting vengeance for the weakest among us?  Am I negating my own belief in the value of life by hoping for the painful end to hers?

So be it.