Come on now; let’s give ole Miley a break.  I’m actually quite amused at the fallout and support she’s been getting since her new-age burlesque performance on MTV’s Video awards last Sunday.  Seems like she’s pretty much accomplished her goal, seeing as how we’ve been talking about her breakthrough performance all week-long.  And let’s not kid ourselves, Miley and MTV knew very well what they were doing.  Hey wait till next year!

Bettlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.  Shoot, still there...

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Shoot, still there…

My kids left her demographic long ago, before she was finished being Hannah.  In fact, my youngest summed it up back then, commenting that Hannah Montana was pretty lame.  Poor Hannah was relegated to background noise while the girls kicked my butt at Skip-Bo or tried to annoy me by wiping their dirty little toes on me, giggling the whole time.  They left her as they moved into a totally different demo well before Miley left Hannah for a completely different demo as well, one I can’t quite explain.  Maybe it’s the “15 to 35 year-old who like talentless, gender-neutral performers fetish” demo, I don’t know.  Ohh, that was harsh.  That might have been related to my sexism, lookism or some other ‘ism I haven’t quite put a finger on.

No, we don’t do much Miley Cyrus in the house, thank you very much.  Don’t have an issue with those who do, or an issue with Miley for that matter. Anyone who seeks to redefine themselves is a-okay in my book, although I’m not quite sure what’s left for our dear Hannah, um, Miley at this point. Usually those who are so self-absorbed and craving notoriety end up with a sex tape and rehab, or at least one or the other.  Hannah does Montana, coming soon.  Yeesh.

Actually, I haven’t seen MTV in better than 20 years or so; guess that pretty much puts me in the “old fart” demo.  I must confess though that my kids don’t give a rat’s rear end for MTV either, at least not at this stage.  A lot of what’s on is pretty tasteless and quite derivative, everyone is trying to be their own self by emulating everyone else and those that came before them.  Except in their talent that is.  And hey, I didn’t actually see her performance on Sunday, performance being used quite generously.  No, I caught wind of it on blogs and news programs, tongues wagging in various directions, some amazed at her courage and creativity and still others wondering “what the hell was that?”  Ever amused by anyone willing to make a buffoon of themselves publicly, I happened on a newspaper that had one shot of her with the much older Robin Thicke, the man who was generous enough to provide the crotch which Miley got to grind her ass into.  Does anyone remember the song?   At this point what does it matter?  Oops, a totally different event, sorry.  In fact, I was a little startled by the picture a first, wondering “what the hell is Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice doing to that awkward-looking teenage boy?”  Yup, weird sense of humor, that’s all.

So let Miley be Miley, or whoever she wants to be this week.  It’s all fun.  At least its’ pretty damned humorous to me.