No blood for oil.  Bush lied, people died.  Bush, Cheney, war criminals.  Impeach Bush now.  All the slogans, all the chanting and beating of drums, all the painted signs and spittle-producing, breathless screaming from the left, now washed away, distant memories for a once agitated, still biased press currently busy shielding their eyes from the horrible image of their anointed hero bombing yet another Middle Eastern country.

Okay Joe, put your money where you smirking mouth is...

Okay Joe, put your money where your smirking mouth is…

As president Bush sought congressional approval for military action in October of 2002 and later on Iraq, the left-leaning press excoriated him for his assumption of the presence of WMD’s in Saddam’s control, swinging wildly from allegations that the president was lying to the American people, to whispers and suggestions that we knew Saddam had these weapons because republican administrations gave them to him.  The bile and hate directed towards Bush was telling, even as he managed to sign the law with the support of liberal senators including Clinton and Biden, who would later join the chorus of Bush Lied, people died.

Interesting to note, Saddam’s second in command of the Iraqi Air force claimed in a 2006 interview with the New York Sun that they moved large amounts of WMD’s into Syria by loading them into civilian aircraft that had the passenger seats removed.   In fact, General Sada claimed that there were 56 trips by two Iraqi Boeings headed to Syria once Saddam realized the Americans were coming.  Not convinced are you? Even James Clapper, currently the Director of National Intelligence believed in 2003 that there were convoys of trucks moving weapons to Syria, citing satellite imagery.

Now the murkiness of war has permeated the Obama white house and hangs over the ever subservient press.  What to do, now that the world assumes Bashar Al-Assad has gassed his own people, possibly a second time, as it’s still unclear whether the Al-Qaida-backed rebels we’re supporting now were the ones to do so earlier this year.  Don’t cross this red line, Syria was warned.  Well, don’t cross it again, really, okay?

In a nation tired of misadventures overseas, spilling American blood to protect sand that’s not ours, one would think that a president who stood loudly and sharply in criticism of the “reckless cowboy” that governed before him might just think this one through, maybe let the American people know what’s at stake for the US, given his horrid attempt in Libya and betting on the wrong horse in Egypt.  At least let our congressmen vote to authorize the use of force per our constitution.

No such luck.  The president of the premature Nobel Prize is determined to drag us further into the cesspool that is the Middle East, side stepping the constitution much as he has on other issues throughout his presidency.  And the press?  Astonishingly subdued, even supportive of the possibility of the ever-expanding quagmire of this administration’s feeble foreign policy, if one can actually discern what the hell it is.  NBC Chief Correspondent Chuck Todd is quite sure that the original war power authorization passed after September 11th, 2001 “Loosely authorizes the president to attack Syria over their use of chemical weapons.”  Besides, Todd believes that seeking congressional approval would be counterproductive, if it even passes.  MSNBC host Ari Melber is sure that action in Syria will come without congressional approval; he even goes on to note that Obama has acted “militarily abroad without specific congressional authorization on multiple occasions during his first term.”  Folks, this is the same press that couldn’t wait for the engines to quiet on the jets bringing home dead servicemen during the Bush Presidency before they rushed the gates with their cameras, salivating to show the carnage Bush’s wars had wrought.  Now, they are quite content to make up reasons why Obama shouldn’t have to and probably ought not to follow the constitution and seek approval of congress, the supposed voice of the American people.

If this president goes it alone, what do we as a people do?  Will our elected officials (never call them our leaders) stand up to the king and his sycophantic court jesters of the press?  Will all those who cried “No blood for oil” now take to the streets, or spend the rest of his term sheepishly navel-gazing, now that they realize they have been taken for fools?  Or will they agree with Vice President Biden who was quite clear where the authority to wage war lies, stating in 2007 that;

“I teach separation of powers and constitutional law. This is something I know. So I got together and brought a group of constitutional scholars together to write a piece that I’m going to deliver to the whole United State Senate pointing out the President has no constitutional authority…to take this nation to war against a county of 70 million people unless we’re attacked or unless there is proof we are about to be attacked. And if he does, if he does, I would move to impeach him.”

We are days away.  If we the people don’t assert our authority over the imperial president, we will be ultimately responsible for the long-lived consequences of what will surely be our own terrorist act of aggression.