My recent post about Judge G Todd Baugh garnered quite a few reads, thank you very much.  Seems like many were just as bewildered as I was as to what shaped the jurist’s opinion on the rape of young Cherise Moralez by her teacher Stacey Rambold and his subsequent sentencing.  His ludicrous justification followed by his lame non-apology only served to make me shake my head more vigorously, an astonishing WTF moment if there ever was one.

Betsy, what were your grades like?

Betsy, what were your grades like?

Thinking that I’d heard it all, I stumbled upon the following editorial in the Washington Post by one Betsy Karasik. Betsy is a former lawyer, by her byline, and after reading this crap, I’m appreciative of that fact.  Given her age, one would think that she’d have eventually moved beyond her teen-age sexual fantasies; but no, now that she’s a writer and a former lawyer, she’s quite sure that a sexual dalliance between teachers and their prey (oops, students) is really nothing more than “extenuating circumstances” and quite proud that her cohorts of young girls at high school and college were having consensual sexual relations with teachers and emerged no worse for the experience.  Of course, her take is that “although some feelings probably got bruised, no one I knew was horribly damaged and certainly no one died” and that makes it just ducky.

The killer line in her piece? For me it’s this: “If religious leaders and heads of state can’t keep their pants on, with all they have to lose, why does society expect that members of other professions can be coerced into meeting this standard?”  They only get away with it because idiots like Betsy idolize these “leaders”, offering them a pass and  forgiveness due to “extenuating circumstances.”

Holy crap, read this please and tell me whether we’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole….