He pleaded guilty to avoid the death sentence.  He assured us that he was not a monster, he was sick, his sickness a result of sexual abuse as a child.  After mulling in his own twisted and guilt ridden conscience, alone with his evil since entering his cell on August 1st, he wrapped his bed sheets around his neck and did what we should have done, ending his meaningless existence to face his final judge.  The only shame here is that he didn’t realize how much he “wasn’t” a monster, or how “sick” he truly was before he took his captives and forever changed their lives and the lives of all around him.

A face some will never forget...

A face some will never forget…

He did us no favors; outside the fact that we never have to feed, clothe, house and care for this rabid animal any longer, we are still left to ponder when is it appropriate to eradicate this type of evil from our midst, or whether we are more civilized to excuse this behavior based on our sympathies.  Trying to find a reason to justify the mere existence of an individual this depraved, this damaged who never saw the value in human life to begin with causes us a deep anguish of which those like him aren’t worthy.  Facing one’s own mortality puts things in sharp focus;  the animal pleads for his own life and offers his version of his past, hoping to persuade us to allow him to breathe a little longer and escape the ultimate price for his evil.  At least until he’s had time to realize how utterly worthless he really is, sub-human and wretched.  Did he finally come to terms with how evil he truly was, driving him to dangle like some fetid piñata, or was he unable to accept the worldly punishment we impressed upon him, seeking to avoid that and only that with no hint of remorse for the pain he has wrought?

We’ll never know why.  I’ll never care why.  Once we burn his body and scatter his ashes, we should all turn our backs and walk away, knowing that we’d like to move forward as if he never existed, but all too aware he walked among us, reminded by the legacy of pain others will face for the rest of their lives.

May they find peace as he steps through the gates of hell.