We hadn’t even recovered the bodies from the Washington Navy Yard when the gun carrying senator from California, Diane Feinstein and the constitutional law scholar, President Obama, both weighed in on the need to curb gun ownership.  Ahh, the serendipity of another mass shooting, another crisis too good to waste.

'Nuff said.

‘Nuff said.

Ponder this;  Why do these mass shootings tend to occur in areas where there are strict gun control laws in place, effectively removing people’s second amendment  right to determine whether or not they would like to be an armed or an un-armed target? Any drop in crime in Chicago lately?  By the way, we send our service men and women into armed combat in far flung places all over the world but disarm them when they walk their bases.  Another well thought out, well-reasoned approach brought to you by the party that wishes to disarm the 99% of the law abiding population.  You try to guess their motives.  How do any of these laws impact people like Aaron Alexis?  Or for that matter, Nidal Hasan?  Apparently, very, very little.

Speaking of Mr. Alexis, why was this human wreck even allowed to walk the streets? He was never charged after a rage-filled shooting incident in 2004. Or after firing into the ceiling of his apartment into the apartment of the neighbor above him, who, he complained, was being “noisy.”  Any gun laws apply here?  Probably, but in the liberal mind, it’s just too draconian to punish someone who may be ill so let’s just let him out and take everyone else’s gun away.  Yup, makes sense.  When will ole’ Dianne turn in her weapon?

Of course, the president gets to choose who can be armed.  That’s why he waived the ban on arming terrorists on the same day Alexis started his rampage, effectively sending weapons to the very same groups of people who have declared war on us.  If American citizens wish to arm themselves, they either need to be an Al Qaeda member or join a Mexican drug cartel.  Then the administration will send them their weapons and cover the shipping costs.

Eventually, any arms we send to the Syrian rebels will show up in horrific videos, being used to execute prisoners or civilians who don’t wish to convert.  Will that get the same play in the press as a deranged nut-job who we should have padlocked to a bed somewhere?  Will we be proud to see “made in the USA” stamped on the end of an Al Qaeda gun barrel?  Another Pandora ’s Box, one completely owned by Mr. Obama and part of his incoherent middle east policy.

No, Dianne, the people will not allow you to disarm them.  Spin it however you want, but you and President Obama are seeking to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens everywhere.  I believe they tried that in Colorado, using another senseless tragedy for cover.  Try to offer reasonable laws that impact criminals, that don’t make criminals of the rest of us.  And then enforce them.

Better still, go back and explain to us all how Mr. Alexis was not only free to roam around with his seething anger but eventually gain security clearance to access a military base where democrats have effectively disarmed our soldiers, much like they were at Fort Hood.  Incidentally, Fort Hood was a terrorist attack, not workplace violence.  I know that doesn’t play well into the narrative of you and your infallible idol, but Hasan wasn’t yelling “I’ll have a snack bar.”

Let’s let the investigation play out.  We already know that the press was salivating over reports that Alexis used an AR-15, a gun that they know nothing about and couldn’t identify if you put it in their quaking liberal hands.  Actually, he followed Jokin’ Joe Biden’s advice and brought in a shotgun, which he promptly used to gain access to two handguns from the armed guards.

Then, when we have a clearer picture of who did what and how, (never mind why; he’s a freakin’ fruit-loop),  we can all debate if disarming more Americans will keep us all safer from the likes of Alexis, someone who wasn’t quite in any frame of mind to obey the “gun-free zone” signs at the Navy yard.