Welcome to the new United States.  It’s bad enough that there are more people on food stamps than there are households in the northeast.  It’s even more amazing that the administration touts a decrease in unemployment while ignoring the fact that only 63.2% of adults with a job or seeking one amounts to the lowest labor participation rate since 1978.  And remember if, say 47% of people pay no taxes, mentioning that fact brands you a racist, mean-spirited, bigoted and quite possibly someone who throws puppies and kittens into the wood chipper.

The face of the new America.  Redistributing wealth, one purse at a time...

The face of the new America. Redistributing wealth, one purse at a time…

Oh by the way, the rich are getting richer under this administration, something they’ll try to spin away from the destructive policies they’ve put in place.  But if you think it bothers them guess again.  The only way to fully achieve the socialist utopia this president shares with his most ardent supporters is to make sure the gap is wide enough so people will support the liberal’s all-out assault on capitalism and with enough groundswell, people will follow them blindly into equality of poverty.  Problem is, if you think liberals mean everyone is equal, you need to understand that they mean some are more equal than others.  Hence waivers for special interests groups from Obamacare, including the very socialist labor unions that worked hand in hand with the administration to pass it.  Hey, they now see their folly, but aren’t asking for it to be repealed, just to be exempted from it.  The rest of the citizens can go to hell thank you very much.  After all, if congress doesn’t have to suffer under Obamacare, why should big labor?

If you haven’t been paying attention, or if you have but don’t give a rat’s ass, the extent to which this administration will go to sow division among the citizens of this country is astounding.  Far from being a healer or a uniter, Obama has not missed an opportunity to pit one group against another by race, religion, gender, party and social class.  Liberals like to call those who disagree with them “haters” but no one hates like a liberal.  And if there’s anything they hate more than someone who’s a capitalist, it’s a rich capitalist.  It’s okay to hate rich people; they stole it from everyone else anyway.

You can’t grow an entitlement nation without institutionalizing the entitlement mentality.  People are no longer ashamed to be on the public dime.  Asking them to work for their benefits is akin to slavery.  And if all else fails, maybe they should just take matters into their own hands and take it from the rich.  When a petty mugger feels that the justification for robbing a 75 year-old woman is because she feels the victim is rich, well, you’re pretty much at the cusp of the type of society liberals are looking for.  They get to decide who’s rich, how much you should have and who you need to share the fruits of your labor with.  Whether it’s forcing a specialized medical professional into giving away his labor or  taking money out of the purse of an old lady on the street, you’re there.

Mikayla Danielle Hull is the new model citizen.  Certainly outraged that someone might have more than her, and quite sure they probably stole it.  Her take on her purse-snatching adventure?   Totally justified.  “Dude, she’s rich.  She was eating at a restaurant, man” she exclaimed to one of the passersby who subdued her.  Of course, she punctuated her belief by biting the gentleman on the arm for his troubles.  He probably deserved it though, as he was wearing a decent button down shirt, yet another symbol of wretched excess wealth, just like restaurant patronage.

Those damned one percent-ers, eating at restaurants and wearing good shirts.  They didn’t build that!  I hate ’em.  Makes me want to vote democrat.