Remember Benghazi?  Patricia Smith and Charles Woods certainly do.  Not because it was relatively recent, last September 11th, but because their children, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, were left to die in the sands of some hell-hole by the very country that sent them there.  Of course, there’s been an awful lot to distract us from this “fake scandal.”  I mean really, did you see Miley’s friggin’ tongue?  One could be forgiven for not remembering.

What makes you think your government owes you any explanations??

What makes you think your government owes you any explanations??

More important things to do than honor the dead or get to the bottom of the video-prompted assault on our embassy, you see.  In fact, I’m sure all of the democratic reps who were supposed to be on the House Oversight and Government Reform hearing about Benghazi had much more important issues to attend to than a hearing on the death of Americans serving abroad.  Hence, they walked out of the meeting before the parents could speak.  Geez, can’t these parents just get over it already?  The damned republicans are trying to shut down the government, who has the time to listen to grieving parents lamenting the loss of their children.  Kind of reminds me of the wedding scene in “The Holy Grail” where Michael Palin’s character, the King of Swamp Castle, after being told that the best man at the wedding was killed, tries to set the right tone by imploring his guests with “let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who!”

In fact, one might imagine the Queen of Swamp Castle, played brilliantly by our former secretary of state, emphatically expounding with “what difference at this point, does it make…?”

Until we hold these people accountable for their treason, it will make no difference at all.  And if we allow our elected leaders to walk away from a hearing on the matter, snubbing their noses at the parents of two of those they purposely left behind with no penalty, we’ll find ourselves in another Pythonesque tragedy of our own making.

The least we can do is turn off Beiber and Miley for a short while and demand of our employees a modicum of respect, if not answers.  Here’s a list of the jack-wagons who decided to insult the families of the Bengazhi dead.  I hope you’re proud of your representatives.  Asshats, one and all.

Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, New York
Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, District of Columbia
Rep. John F. Tierney, Massachusetts
Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay, Missouri
Rep. Stephen F. Lynch, Massachusetts
Rep. Jim Cooper, Tennessee
Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, Virginia
Rep. Matt Cartwright, Pennsylvannia
Rep. Mark Pocan, Wisconsin
Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Illinois
Rep. Danny K. Davis, Illinois
Rep. Robin Kelly, Illinois
Rep. Peter Welch, Vermont
Rep. Tony Cardenas, California
Rep. Steven Horsford, Nevada
Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico