So how did you remember 9/11 this year?  Aside from the stories of remembrance in the mainstream press, few and rather subdued, not much happened to mark the anniversary of the passing of the nearly 3,000 victims of the opening salvo in the start of the undeclared third world war.  Do we choose to forget, or are we cowed by the political correctness that hastens the death of western civilization, a civilization brought to it’s knees by the collective guilt of those who fear a label more than a knife at their throats?

What color paint will you provide?

What color paint will you provide?

I was sitting in the living room, perusing the news on Thursday the 11th when I overheard my two children discussing the day’s events at school.  My eldest, the young political animal who wishes to be a conservative journalist (God help her trying to find a college for that..), queried my youngest to see if the middle school had observed a moment of silence, insulted that there was no such honor displayed at the high school.  “No” replied my youngest, in fact they didn’t discuss the day or it’s significance at all.  Then she told her something I find quite incredible.  “You know, they’ve never really discussed it all.  We’ve never seen any videos of it, we don’t cover it in history.”

Of course not.  It’s not in the interest of those who wish to paint the United States as the hegemonic, imperial power destroying the innocent civilizations of the free world, namely those who write the history books and spew the contents back to our children as gospel.  Heaven forbid they come right out and say we got what we deserved, but they’ll settle for painting those responsible as victims of our over-reaching oppression. Freedom fighters, one and all, Jihad only as far as standing up for their own rights and lives.

We’re always cautioned against painting with the broad brush.  I too abhor guilt by association, the same phenomenon that allows an awful lot of people in this country to assume that because I’m a white middle-aged man, I must be racist and somewhere in my family tree hangs the body of a slave my ancestors held and brutalized all because of the color of their skin.  Of course, that broad brush is applicable; it must be, because I am white.  No other evidence need be produced or will be accepted.

So no maudlin displays of remembrance on 9/11, patriotism being expunged as the infectious pestilence it truly is.  And that goes for the Pledge of Allegiance as well.  What an outdated concept, pledging faithfulness to the country one takes so much from.  Of course, you can’t be forced to say the pledge, which is fine for all of those who truly don’t want to be here, except for the fact that there is no better place to be or they’d have their wretched hands out in the welfare offices of Latvia for Pete’s sake.  No, in lieu of the pledge, nothing.  No moment of silence, no recognition that they now live freely in a country that doesn’t even require one to appreciate being here.  You know, the land of the free, home of the jaded and those who wish they were elsewhere.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, those who come here freely ask the rest of us to conform to their ideals, their religious or political beliefs, as though fleeing from their flea-infested utopia wasn’t really what they wanted to do in the first place.  No, they just wanted to share in our largess and we damned well better assimilate to them or they’ll belittle us, whine, label us with all sorts of hateful names, call this or that Minority Reverend and the ACLU to force us to accommodate whatever habit, doctrine, dogma or practice they wish to impose upon us.  And we can’t live with the guilt.  Destroying our civilization without a shot fired because someone called us a name.

To avoid such guilt and show just how tolerant we are, Concord-Carlisle High School in Massachusetts decided to forgo reading the pledge of allegiance to remember 9/11 and substituted it with a Muslim poem, a conscious decision made to promote cross-cultural understanding.  Of course, we as a people are not very understanding of the woman who wants to wash her filthy feet in the public bathroom at her local Sears.  See just how oppressive we are?  She comes all the way over here to enjoy our company and our freedoms and we go and blow it with our notion of decorum and civilized behavior. Almost as bad as expecting cab drivers of the same faith to pick up disabled passengers with service dogs.  We’re hateful people I tell you, we should all feel guilty about our aversion to foreign stinky feet and sullying those pristine cabs with our unclean animals.

Of course our irrational fears and prejudices are what forced Muslims to decide they’d protest against such behavior on September 11th, a day that they truly suffer for every year.  How shallow are we that we find offense.  Of course, if we had our annual pig-roast on the first day of Ramadan, then we’d truly be hateful but I digress.

Maybe we need to just roll over and accept the tenet of every culture, every religion that finds it’s way to our shore, constitution not withstanding.  Surely as guilty as we are, there must be a much better way to run this terrible country like say, maybe Sharia Law?  Who could argue with that?  Certainly not the ACLU, that bastion of guilt-free living, taking us down the path to righteousness, cross-cultural understanding and moral equivalency.   Why else would they support Sharia law over article VI of a constitution which we obviously force down the throats of all who come here? Why would we expect others to come here and respect our laws?  We should just allow them to cover their faces at work, while getting their identification pictures taken, allow them to wash their feet in the public fountain with no questions asked.  Hey, I’m all for bathing in public and if I want to wear my bat-man cowl at the DMV, why the hell not?  The irony of course is that many of these women who sue to wear the veil at work wouldn’t even be allowed to work in the type of country they want to impose upon the west. She wouldn’t need to wash her feet at Sears in Saudi Arabia.  She’d need to wash them where her male handler tells her to.

In the end, it’s all about civilization and the broad brush.  As I sit here typing, 68 people have been killed in Nairobi, rounded up by adherents to the religion of peace and executed for not joining the club.  Of course, the great cry across the world will be how we cannot link this to anything other than someone being pissed off in Nairobi, maybe over a video or something to do with George Bush.  It has nothing to do with anything and certainly does not represent Islam.  Not one bit.  Any thought to the contrary makes one an Islamo-phobe, or some kind of friggin’ phobe and we should all feel guilty for denigrating one of the world’s greatest religions.  And also one of the world’s fastest growing religions.  Ponder that thought for a minute.  When the Islamic populations reach critical mass in major western cities, would we be subjected to this kind of behavior too?  This hate is directed towards whom exactly?  Non-Muslims.  And it’s common all over the Muslim world.

Sorry, but I’m done with the guilt.  Go ahead and pillory me for using the “broad brush.”  To those who argue that there are millions of peaceful Muslims I ask “Where the hell are they?” How do I interpret your silence?  Will you try to shame me for assuming your acquiescence? Do you sit next to people like this in your Mosque, supporting their beliefs and actions on your behalf?  Do you nod in agreement with your Imams who rail against the very country you’re sitting in? Will you march next September 11th because I’m finally over the guilt and yes, I now look suspiciously at you collectively?

I’m fine with it.  I have no remorse.  The brush I use may be broad, but the paint you’re spattered with, the blood of innocents, people who choose not to be Muslim, comes from those whom you call brothers.  It is they who stain you with the stench of death in the name of your religion of peace.  It is you and only you, who can change the course of your future, the future of your religion.  At some point, you need to move beyond being insulted by those who look warily at you and start being insulted by those who profess to kill in your name.  For at some point in the future, either non-Muslims will ask for an accounting, or those who are radical enough to kill 68 people in a mall for the penalty of not being Muslim will ask.  Will they accept your silence as proof of  your devotion?

And once you have eradicated the Laws of the United States, those laws you find so oppressive and demeaning, you’ll be faced with the laws you have chosen to live under, interpreted and administered by those who are already killing in your name.