Is Jeanne Shaheen an anarchist?  Is Mark Pryor a terrorist?  How can they call for a delay in the implementation of Obamacare and not be, given the fact that that’s what the Democrats and President Obama called the GOP for trying to do the same thing?  If this law is so flawed that people need waivers and now we need to delay it, maybe Mr. Reid should have allowed that bill to pass which totally funded the government with the exception of a one year delay for Obamacare.  Of course at the time, the Democrats and the Democrat party news service felt it was in the best interest of the country to block viewing of Mount Rushmore and the WWII memorial rather than negotiate with those “radical” republicans.  And if you understand government and the bills that were presented to the “I won’t negotiate” party, you’ll truly understand just who threatened to shut down the government, no matter how the press spun it.  But oops, the price of Obamacare insurance policies and premiums are starting to show up in real time and people may just see it for the Marxist takeover of personal liberties that it truly is.  And just at election time.  Shit, we’d better delay it.

Karma's a glitch...

Karma’s a glitch…

Screw that.  It’s the law of the land.  That’s what we were told.  You know, the law of the land that doesn’t quite apply to everyone in the country and can be manipulated at will by the president, but the law of the land nonetheless.  And my wonderful senator, Ms. Shaheen, stood proudly by as conservative voters in her state, like me, were not represented at all in the discussion but instead were vilified by her party and her willing accomplices in the press.  And now she’s calling for a pass?  Bite me.  The same goes for my junior Senator, the noodle-spined Kelly Ayotte, who won election partly based on her promise to work to appeal Obamacare.  Sorry Kelly, going to work to primary your sorry ass if possible.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..ain’t gonna happen.

Nope, don’t delay this.  At all.  We tried, we failed.  We gave clear reasons why this law won’t work, will never work and will destroy this country economically.  For that we were called anarchists, terrorists, arsonists, haters, insane, you name it, they spewed it.  And this from the president who decried the uncivil tone of Washington, the man who wanted to end divisiveness in Washington, the very same man who said he would not negotiate at all but persuaded millions of Americans that the GOP was shutting down the government because they were obsessed with his signature program.

So now Obama’s “chickens are coming home to roost,” to paraphrase one of his most trusted early advisors.  And guess what?  People are seeing their premiums increase exponentially, as are their deductibles.  Doctors are leaving the profession in droves.  And the information you’ll now have to provide to the government just to have someone look at your sore throat is astounding, far more intrusive than anything the NSA is finding out about us.  And yet, there is still a large segment of the population eagerly awaiting their “free” healthcare with free contraceptives and paid abortions and God knows what else they think they’ll get gratis. Meanwhile the effect this law is having on the overall economy, especially employment, is staggering, reducing people’s hours, their salaries and their ability to pay for this “free” health care, let alone any other bills they’re currently buried under.

The administration and the Democrats were just hoping the launch would go smoothly enough to get critical mass so this law could never be repealed.  As bad as some laws are, it takes a monumental effort to get them repealed.  Even worse, as bad as many entitlements are, name one that’s ever been repealed.  Once addicted to the morphine–like, slow-drip IV of socialism,  people are loathe to give up what they consider their  “right” or “entitlement”, regardless of how destructive it actually is to them personally, or to the country as a whole.  It’s the kind of thing that makes people riot in the aisles of Wal-Mart when they think their EBT cards have unlimited balances.  This is what the Democrats were hoping for; a smooth start to sign-up, functioning exchanges and a mass of voters now addicted to a self-induced cancer, people who would vote against anyone who threatens to wean them from their government smack.

Alas, it didn’t work out that way.  After $600 million or so spent on a website that performs worse than a seventh grade science project, some people started to wonder if the government couldn’t build a website, would I want them responsible for my  bypass?  Oh, and when I go to Amazon, I get to see prices and compare products before I give them my credit card, thank you very much.  Not that you could even trust the prices on the website anyway.

Nope, no delay.  The Republicans should turn their backs and walk away from this.  The dems own this entirely.  The sooner the citizens of this country get a taste of the real pain we’ve been warning them about for years, the quicker we get this creature slain.  Make no mistake; it’ll be a hell of a fight.  But this time, conservative’s hands are clean.  It wasn’t a bi-partisan vote that enacted this law and it should never be a bi-partisan vote that continues to feed this beast with the blood, sweat and tears of poor and middle-class working Americans.  Make these Democrat senators now facing re-election go back home to their constituents and sell this piece of garbage all over again.

Remember, they voted for it before they voted against it.