It seems as though Obamacare may be just as the Tea party described it. You know, those bomb-throwing zealots, all racist and riled up, shutting down the gub’ment, having the temerity to offer funding for every last vestige of Big Gov. Inc., with the exception of the free-market destroying legacy program of our first truly black, truly Marxist President.  Extortion I believe it was called, and all those who opposed it were appropriately denigrated by the Government propaganda machine called the free press.

Anything you wanna hear, now until election time!

Anything you wanna hear, now until election time!

Seems like socialism can be hazardous to your career, as well as in this case, your health.  No matter, these democrats stood strong, humiliating the feckless Republican establishment at every turn, trumping their “war on women”, “war on minorities”, “war on equality”, war on just about everything good and wholesome that the Democrats and the American public stand for.  Hey, socialism is hard.  Some people get hurt to ensure that all are the same, none has more than any other, none are required to work for it, be responsible or heaven forbid, free.  Hey, you can’t have freedom without a great big helping of government regulation and oversight.  If you like your freedoms, you can keep them.  Period.  Fingers crossed.

It seems like decades ago when the Democratic leadership allowed virtually no debate on the most important bill of our lifetimes, which passed on a weekend without a single republican vote.  How’s that for representative government? No matter, I was told repeatedly that we lost, get over it, it’s settled, it’s now law.

Sweet.  Except it’s a law that the president unilaterally skirts at his whim, handing exclusions and exemptions to connected voting blocks and deep-pocketed industries.  The rest of the populace?  Well, many bought the now famous lie for which he avoided directly apologizing.  And even though he has been proven wrong, they still cling to the quaint notion that “some will suffer so many can be helped.”  Until they get their cancellation notices, then it’s every man for himself.  (Oops, every “person” for his or herself.)

So here we are, faced with a monstrosity that will undermine what was the best health care system in the world and a large chunk of the economy.  What to do?  Shut up and log on we’re told.  Except we can’t quite do that yet, so instead, we’ll be forced to give our most vital and personal identification to felons from Acorn posing as “Navigators.”  I’m from the government and I’m here to help.  Yikes. For crying out loud, the NSA and the IRS have all the data they need, they should just go ahead and assign everyone a plan and a doctor now and be done with it.  Screw spending another 100 million or so on a “hackers wet-dream” of a website.

But Ted Cruz and the dreaded Tea Party, having been relegated to outcast status by their betters like John McCain and Mitch McConnell, are no longer able to save us from our selves. We must now place our trust in those who are motivated by that most pure of intentions: Self-preservation. Those who told us they know what we really want; what we really need and what’s good for us.  They told us when they voted in the dead of night when they first passed the bill.  In the weeks-long charade over defunding.  And now, when they’re most vulnerable, they tell us that Obamacrap needs to be delayed.  For the good of the people you see.

How will this play out in the coming election?  If you really want to know, just look deeply into the eyes of anyone on the following list of people:

Mark Begich, Alaska; Mark Pryor, Arkansas; Mark Udall Colorado; Mary Landrieu, Louisiana; Al Franken, Minnesota; Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire; Tom Udall, New Mexico; Kay Hagan, North Carolina; Jeff Merkley, Oregon; Tim Johnson, South Dakota; Mark Warner, Virginia; Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia.

Not one had any reservations when they voted straight party line, with no regards for their constituents of either party.  And yes, whether you like it or not, when you hold an elected seat, you do have constituents who might have another letter on their voter registration that’s different than yours.  Ahh, but that pales in comparison to being able to hold the coveted title of “Senator,” you know, those folks who are exempt from Obamacare but would have us pay at least 75% of their subsidies anyway.  Yup, those people.  People with a job in the balance.  Never mind the 93 plus million who aren’t working today.  No, their focus is on the employment prospects of the Obamacare dozen and if you think they’re being altruistic in any way, you friggin’ deserve to be lied to.

That’s really all there is to it.  So if the numbers look bad, the good ol’ elected dictator will probably bend to their will and delay the individual mandate, hoping to at least keep the balance of power in the senate in their favor.  So ask yourself, what then?  What if they get the delay?  Do you vote them back into power, free and unencumbered to finish throttling your freedoms for “the good of the country?”  Or better yet, before you vote, ask them what’s next.  What’s after the delay?  What promise can they make you, punctuating it firmly with the phrase “Period!!” at the end that will restore your own integrity and dignity after having slavishly lapped up over five years of their deception?

Better still; watch the events over the next few weeks while the debate rages on and Obamacare lurches from one miserable failure to another, millions losing the health care they thought was a good value for them.  Let’s see how many 80 year-old retired male union pipe fitters feel about paying for maternity care.  Let’s see how many young and motivated Obama voters, their neat little Prius’ adorned with Obama stickers, feel when they are faced with hundreds and hundreds of dollars in mandatory premiums, ridiculous deductibles and limited availability of providers when all they really wanted was someone to pick up the tab for their condoms, morning after pills or “women’s health procedures.”  One size fits all.

So we wait for their decision on the delay.  We wait, they lie.  Soon, you’ll need to be big girls and boys and stop believing in the tooth fairy that is socialism and do what’s really right for this country.   A good start would be cleaning house. Both sides of the aisle in fact.